IMPORTANT 2018 Election info: Advance voting takes place October 10 to 19.
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Next General Local Election is October 20, 2018. Advance voting begins October 10. Find candidate info and much more.

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Election Day is Saturday, October 20
Want to see who’s running for office, important voting dates and locations?  It’s all here.


If you can’t get to the polls on October 20, you can vote early between October 10 - 19. 
Jill's here to remind you the many ways that Municipal government affects your day to day life. Vote October 20th.
You can now walk, cycle or roll along the 7.5km loop that connects parks, public spaces and commercial areas.
October 7-13 is Fire Prevention Week. A good time to make sure you have a home escape plan in place and practice it.
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Please avoid all non-essential use of gas, and consider lowering your thermostat and using less hot water.