Parks, Recreation & Culture

The City has a multitude of green spaces, amenities, arts and entertainment, shopping, dining, and public open spaces. Our residents enjoy a unique lifestyle that balances a rich community history with cultural diversity and natural beauty. 

The City has long considered arts and culture a priority in considering the lifestyle and well-being of the community.

Use our interactive map to explore parks and greenways in the City. Find information about related regulations and policies.

Shipyard Commons
Book a public space or venue, or find out about Play CNV and busking in the City.
Fen Burdett Field and Stadium

Find information about community centres, sports fields, playgrounds, and other recreational facilities.

The City hosts and sponsors a number of seasonal community events each year.

The Shipyards on a sunny day
There's always something happening in the City. Check our Community Calendar to find local events.
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