When overgrown plant material hangs over the sidewalk, it obstructs driver visibility and impedes pedestrian travel. Homeowners are required to trim any tree, hedge, shrub or plant of any kind that may be blocking sidewalks in City boulevards at the edge of their properties (particularly at intersection corners).

Overgrown Hedges

When hedges planted on City boulevards become overgrown and impede pedestrian traffic along the sidewalk, they can become a safety hazard. They are a particular hazard to individuals using mobility aides and parents with children and strollers, as they may be forced to walk on the street to get around the hedge.

Residents of the City of North Vancouver are responsible for maintaining the boulevard area adjacent to their properties. If a resident neglects maintaining hedges, the City may remove them. Ideally all hedges should be trimmed to 0.5 metre (1½ feet) behind the sidewalk.

Here are examples of overgrown hedges and the minimum cut back required.

Intersection Visibility

It's very important to keep intersections clear of plant growth to ensure unobstructed sightlines. In the intersection triangle no significant obstructions or plantings higher than 36 inches (3 feet) above the road surface or tree limbs lower than ten (10) feet shall be permitted within this area.

If you're not sure if the tree is a City tree (i.e. one in the boulevard) or a residential (e.g. privately owned) tree, please contact the Engineering, Parks and Environment Department at 604-983-7333 or

Overgrown Hedges at Street Intersections

In this example, the vehicle traveling in this lane can't see the pedestrian walking directly behind this overgrown hedge. The driver would have very little time to react and stop if the pedestrian steps out from the sidewalk.

Street Signage

Trees and hedges must also be kept clear of stop signs, parking signs, and street name signs.

Homeowners must trim hedges so that the stop sign can be seen by a car approaching the sign from at least three properties away.

This allows a driver sufficient time to react and stop their vehicle.

Fire Hydrants

Fire hydrants need to remain clear and visible to allow the Fire Department easy access to locate and to connect their equipment in case of emergency.

Residents are asked to trim their hedges around fire hydrants 1 metre (3 feet) in every direction.

Keep Us Informed!

For complaints concerning boulevard fences, walls, tree branches, hedges, etc., that are restricting driver visibility or impeding pedestrians please contact the Engineering, Parks and Environment Department at 604-983-7333 or use our Online Service Request Form.

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