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An efficient transportation system is essential to a sustainable and liveable community. The City makes it a priority to provide viable, unobstructed access for all people, including persons with disabilities or mobility challenges. In support of greener modes of transportation, the City encourages people to choose more sustainable forms of travel, such as walking, cycling, public transit, carpooling, and car sharing.

The Mobility Strategy is the City’s long-term transportation plan that guides how our streets are planned, designed, maintained and invested in over the next decade to create healthy streets that work for everyone. The goals include improving access and choice for how we get around, making our streets safer and comfortable for all modes, ensuring streets in our City prosper and contribute to being a vibrant place, and taking meaningful action on reducing our impact on climate change and the environment.

Learn about cycling in the City, and our plans for improving our mobility network.
Our community is served by a public transit network, including buses and the SeaBus.
We're one of the most pedestrian friendly communities in Metro Vancouver.
Use safe travel practices and be respectful of all street and pathway users.
Everything you need to know about parking in the City.

Find all the latest roadwork and construction information.

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