Safe Mobility Strategy

City of North Vancouver

Safe Mobility Strategy

A safe mobility network is foundational to creating a healthy and people-oriented City where everyone has safe, comfortable, convenient, and reliable access to work, school, and other destinations we need to travel to every day.

Every year, there are approximately 10 collisions on streets across the City of North Vancouver that result in a serious injury or fatality. Countless other incidents or near misses go unreported.

Everyone has a role to play in reducing the risk of collisions and incidents on City streets, especially those that result in serious injuries or fatalities. The Safe Mobility Strategy lays out the City of North Vancouver’s commitment to improving the safety of City streets for all users through proactive strategies and supporting actions in line with Vision Zero: the principle that serious injuries and fatalities on City streets, sidewalks and pathways are unacceptable and preventable and that the City’s transportation system can be designed to minimize the risk that collisions end in a serious injury or fatality.

The City will use the Safe Mobility Strategy as a policy to help guide and prioritize how we will work with our partners and key stakeholders and with the City’s available budgetary and personnel resources, to design safe streets and intersections, deliver community education and programs, undertake enforcement, and collect and make use of data to support our actions.

The Safe Mobility Strategy builds on a multiyear process to examine the key factors contributing to safety issues on our streets, explore proven practices and actions that help to improve safety, and learn from key stakeholders to ensure strategies make sense for the needs of our community. Council endorsed the Safe Mobility Strategy in July 2020.

Vision & Goal +

Principles +

Safety Context +





Make changes to the design and features of City streets, intersections, and curb space to reduce the risk for conflicts by providing more space, separation and protection for the growing variety of ways people use to get around.


Promote speeds that are appropriate for the type of street or pathway through lower speed limits and street design changes – like narrower streets, speed bumps, landscaping, and other treatments.


Support development of a range of community outreach and education campaigns, targeted enforcement, and new regulations to foster a culture of safe mobility.


Prioritize actions and interventions in the right areas by collecting better data through new tools and partnerships to increase our understanding of safety issues on our streets and reporting back to the community regularly on our progress to meeting our vision and goal for safe mobility.



Design Safe Streets +

Encourage Safe Speeds +

Promote Safe Behaviour +

Be Evidence-Based & Accountable +


Next Steps

Work to deliver on the strategies and actions outlined in this Strategy begins now. Safety cannot wait and the City will move as quickly as possible, with our available resources, to make progress towards achieving our vision and goal of reducing the risk and incidences of serious injury or death on our transportation system. In delivering the Strategy, the City commits to:
We will work with the public, our partners and key stakeholders, including the RCMP, North Vancouver City Fire Department, North Vancouver School District, ICBC, and Vancouver Coastal Health to ensure we properly account for other needs and considerations.
We will be clear and transparent about when and why strategies and actions are being delivered.


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