One way to stay current on City of North Vancouver news and meetings is to subscribe to our RSS feeds, which we use to publish frequently updated information. Other options for receiving up-to-date information about the City are listed on our Stay Informed page.

The City's information and calendar RSS feeds are as follows:

City Calendars

Community Events
The Shipyards
Council Meetings

How to Use RSS

Subscribing to an RSS feed allows you to pull updates to your desktop or a reader. An RSS feed includes a title and summarized text of recent updates. You can read your RSS feeds using software called an "RSS reader" or "feed reader".

You may be able to subscribe to feeds using your browser or an extension, depending on what browser you're using. You can also use a news aggregator such as FeedlyNewsBlur or The Old Reader to access your subscriptions.

Click on any of the RSS links above to be taken to the feed for that page, then copy the URL for the feed and add it into your RSS reader.

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