Public transit is one of the most affordable, low emission, and most efficient ways to move large numbers of people in our City and region. Better transit means less time spent commuting, a healthier and greener community, and more affordable access to everything our community has to offer.

The City’s Mobility Strategy includes a key action to make transit a faster and more reliable option for longer distance trips. We can do this by delivering more transit priority measures to speed up buses, and create enabling conditions for rapid transit expansion on the North Shore. We have a goal to increase our transit and active mode share from 35% in 2021 to 50% of all trips by 2030.

Growing Our Transit Network

Today, the City is served by TransLink’s network of buses, RapidBus, HandyDART, and SeaBus, with 73% of City residents living within a 5 minute walk of a transit stop. Improving transit continues to be a shared priority for the City and TransLink. Through TransLink’s Transport 2050 10-Year Priorities, the City will see upgrades from bus to RapidBus along the 240 Lynn Valley/Downtown corridor, an extension of the R2 RapidBus from Phibbs Exchange to Metrotown, and a rapid transit connection from Metrotown to the North Shore. The City continues to work closely with TransLink on investments such as bus speed and reliability projects, as well as walking, cycling, and micromobility infrastructure and supporting amenities to make accessing transit more convenient for everyone. 

Refer to TransLink’s Transport 2050, the long-term strategy for the regional transportation system, for more information on TransLink’s vision.

Rapid Transit on the North Shore

The Mayors’ Council on Regional Transportation has selected three priority corridors for TransLink to advance Metro Vancouver’s new rapid transit routes, including the Metrotown to North Shore corridor. The rapid transit routes are the first step in working towards implementing TransLink’s 10-Year Priorities within the Access for Everyone Plan. Rapid transit is a type of high-capacity public transportation featuring buses or rail-based vehicles. 

brt regional map

The Metrotown to North Shore rapid transit project will connect major destinations from Park Royal to Metrotown, improving connections to existing SkyTrain stations on the Millennium Line and Expo Line.

In the near term, the existing R2 Marine Drive RapidBus will be upgraded and extended from Phibbs Exchange to Metrotown, providing a direct express connection from Park Royal. 

At the same time, a longer-term rapid transit connection will be determined through the Burrard Inlet Rapid Transit Program, which will consider Bus Rapid Transit, Light Rail Transit, and SkyTrain. 

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