The most effective way of reducing public reliance on vehicle use and consequently, greenhouse gas emissions is by making public transit a viable, first-choice alternative for commuting in the City.

Public transportation has long played a prominent role in the City. Since its incorporation in 1907, the City has had a public ferry service linking the City to Vancouver and streetcars connecting Lonsdale with Lynn Valley and Capilano. As the waterfront became an economic engine, driving growth in the City, an adjoining bus terminal at Lonsdale Quay was added in the 1970s.

Today, the City is served by an effective network of buses and SeaBus, and improving transit service continues to be a priority for the City. The aim is to promote more effective, convenient, comfortable and efficient public transit service and ease movement throughout the City for people of all ages and abilities. Through the City's work with the North Shore Advisory Committee on Disability Issues, over 85% of bus stops now provide accessibility for wheelchair commuters and wheelchair-equipped buses.

For the 2040 Long term North Shore Transit Vision and near term priorities see North Shore Area Transit Plan.

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