Planning for Interment

An interment is the burial of human remains or cremated remains in a grave, or the placing of cremated remains in a columbarium niche.

As part of your decision on interment, there are multiple considerations. Please review the information below and contact us if you have questions.

For more than a century, our cemetery has been a place where people come together to remember and celebrate the lives of their loved ones. Helping people navigate decisions through this journey is an honour. 

At this time, we are able to offer multiple interment options for families to consider, excluding the pre-sale of side-by-side plots. A Cemetery Master Plan is anticipated to be undertaken in 2024. The plan will envision a future where we can offer more options such as side-by-side and double-depth plots. Until then, we invite you to view current internment options below. 

Cost of Interment

Prior to purchasing at the Cemetery, please review the Cemetery Bylaw and Schedules to ensure you're aware of the expectations, limitations, and requirements of this cemetery. Not all cemeteries operate in the same way.

> View North Vancouver Cemetery Bylaw 8109 (PDF)


Cemetery fees differ for residents and non-residents. Please refer to the Bylaw's Schedule A - North Vancouver Cemetery Fees for fees for interment, memorial, lot adornment, etc.

As in Schedule A, "resident" refers to the residency of the deceased person or person for whom the lot is being purchased. Proof of residence shall be produced to the satisfaction of the City at the time of purchase. Resident means a person who was:

  1. A registered owner of a property in the City or District of North Vancouver for a minimum of twelve (12) months immediately preceding the date of death; or
  2. A tenant or occupier of real property within the City or District of North Vancouver for a minimum of twelve (12) months immediately preceding the date of death.


Payment for interments must be made in full at the time of scheduling. We accept payment by cheque, bank draft, money order, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Interment Options

The North Vancouver Cemetery offers several options for final resting places. For more information about interment options at the North Vancouver Cemetery, please contact the Cemetery Services Coordinator at 604-983-7351 or


Full Burial Lots

Adult full burial lots (also known as traditional or casket lots) hold a single casket in each lot. In addition, they can hold up to four urns of cremated remains (note: there’s no obligation to use the urn spots). The right to use a burial lot may be purchased only at time of need.

Cremation Lots

Cremation lots hold up to two urns of cremated remains. The right to use a cremation lot may be purchased only at time of need.


A columbarium is an above-ground structure specifically designed to hold containers of cremated remains. Each compartment, or niche, holds two urns. Each niche is 12”x12”, and 15” deep. The right to use a niche in a columbarium may be purchased in advance.

Memorial Markers

North Vancouver Cemetery has restrictions on the type, size, and materials used for memorial markers for each interment option, and in some cases in specific parts of the Cemetery.

Full details of memorial markers are provided in Schedule B of the North Vancouver Cemetery Bylaw 8109.

Please note:

  • Memorial Markers are not required to be installed on or before any interment.
  • Installation of memorial markers requires a City-issued memorial permit which can be purchased from the Cemetery Services Coordinator.
  • For columbaria, all engraving must be done by a City-authorized company. See the Columbaria Niche Door Engraving Standards for details.

Other Memorial Options

Consider commemorating a loved one with a beautiful bench and plaque. The North Vancouver Cemetery is a designated location for park furnishings such as memorial benches under the City’s Parks and Greenways Donation Program.

Learn more about the process at cost at

Resale of Pre-Purchased Interment Rights

A right of interment gives the holder the exclusive use of the designated lot for the purpose of interment, while the land remains Cemetery property. If the right-holder no longer wants to use the lot, there are two options:

Transfer to Family

  • The right of interment for an unused lot may be transferred to a family member following the submission of the request in writing and the approval of the City.
  • An administration fee may be charged for the transfer. Review the North Vancouver Cemetery Bylaw 8109 (and Schedule A – North Vancouver Cemetery Fees) for details.

Cancel the Right of Interment

  • The right-holder for an unoccupied lot may cancel their right of interment for that lot with written notice and proof they are the original rights holder. Proof includes the original Interment Right Transfer and Contract, Deed or Lot License, issued at the time of purchase.
  • A refund, less administration fee, will be issued as detailed in the North Vancouver Cemetery Bylaw 8109 (and Schedule A – North Vancouver Cemetery Fees).

Note that private sale of the right of interment is not permitted.

Contact Info

Please contact the Cemetery Services Coordinator by email or phone with your questions or to make arrangements.

Cemetery Services Coordinator
Tel: 604-983-7351

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