Cigarette Waste

Protect our waterways, parks, trails, wildlife, and prevent fires by properly disposing of your cigarette butts and encouraging others to do the same.  

cigarette waste receptacle on street

The City offers cigarette waste receptacles in high volume pedestrian locations. This program began in September 2021, and by the year's end nearly five kilograms of waste was collected and sent for recycling to Terracycle.

Cigarette waste is one of the most prevalent types of litter, consistently being the number one type of litter found on our local streets, parks and trails. This waste leaches toxic chemicals such as arsenic and lead. The filters contain microplastics and take a long time to degrade. When littered on the ground they can make their way into our waterways during rain events, negatively impacting the environment and marine life.   


The City introduced a Smoking Bylaw in 2020 which includes a full smoking ban in all City parks, plazas, public spaces and multi-use pathways. Learn more on the City’s Smoking webpage

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