Trees on Public Property

Trees are living assets, contributing to our quality of life. Trees clean our air and water, provide habitat for wildlife, beautify and connect our community, and improve our wellbeing.

The City supports a diverse and healthy urban forest, which is made up of all the trees and vegetation in the City. Trees in public spaces such as parks, streets, and natural areas are managed by the City, guided by the City’s Tree Policy for the Management of Trees on City Property

The City manages over 9,800 trees in parks and boulevards throughout the community, as well as countless trees in forested areas. More than half (65%) of the City’s tree canopy is on publicly managed land, with 38% located in parks, 25% in streets and rights-of-way, and another 2% on other City land.

City Initiatives to Grow our Urban Forest

Urban Forest Plan

The City is currently developing an Urban Forest Plan to better protect and grow the urban forest to deliver long-term benefits to our community.Learn more about the Urban Forest Plan at

Living City Street Tree Planting Program

The Living City Street Tree Planting Program aims to maximize the amount of tree canopy cover over our existing street network by planting trees in boulevards. Since 2014, the City has planted over 400 trees through this program. Learn more about the program at

City Park Stewards and Community Plantings

Many of the community plantings are undertaken by the City Park Stewards, a volunteer program that helps to restore the City’s parks, natural areas, and biodiversity. Learn more about the City Parks Stewards and sign up to volunteer at a future planting day at

Grand Boulevard Park Pollinator Garden

In 2022, the City partnered with the David Suzuki Butterflyway Project and members of the Lynn Valley Garden Club to build a new pollinator garden in Grand Boulevard Park to create habitat for bees, butterflies and birds. Learn more about the garden at

City's Parks and Greenways Donation Program

The City's Parks and Greenways Donation Program invites residents to participate in the enhancement of our parks and green spaces through the donation of park amenities, including trees. Learn more about the program at

Help Grow the Urban Forest

Residents play an important role in protecting and growing our urban forest, including trees on public property. Here are some ideas on how you can support a healthy urban forest in our community:


Request City Tree Maintenance

The City will prune, plant, and remove trees if necessary. The City’s objective is to preserve and ensure the long-term sustainability of the urban forest and will not prune or remove trees for aesthetic reasons or to improve a view. The City will allow public trees to grow to their natural form and will not perform any works that may affect the long-term health of these public assets. The Tree Policy for the Management of Trees on City Property is the guiding document for all public tree care and maintenance.

The City does not manage trees on private property. If you're unsure whether a tree is located on private or public property, visit CityMap. If tree ownership is unclear, please submit a service request online or call 604-983-7333. For more information on managing trees on your property, visit

Hazard Tree Removal on City Property

If you believe that a tree on City property may be a hazard, please call 604-983-7333, email or submit a service request online.

How to Obtain a City Tree Cutting Permit

Property owners may apply for a City Tree Cutting Permit to trim or cut down trees on City property (i.e., boulevards), under specific conditions. For a list of these conditions, review the CNV Tree Policy for the Management of Public Trees, p.5. A City Tree Cutting Permit must be issued before any tree work begins. 

How to obtain a City Tree Cutting Permit

  1. Determine if the tree is on City Property by visiting CityMap.  If tree ownership is unclear, please email or call 604-983-7333 to verify. 
  2. Review the City's Tree Policy for the Management of Public Trees for information on eligibility criteria and the process to apply for a City Tree Cutting Permit.
  3. If you are eligible to apply for a permit, prepare your City Tree Cutting Permit Application (p. 10 of the Tree Policy for the Management of Public Trees). As part of the application, you'll need to provide:
    • A description of the tree work
    • Neighbour consent (extent of neighbour consent is dependent on the level of impact)
    • Proof of certification or accreditation of company undertaking work
  4. Submit your completed application for review to
  5. Pay the required fees including tree replacement costs.
  6. After receiving a City Tree Cutting Permit, work may begin in accordance with the conditions on the permit. 

If you have any questions about obtaining a City Tree Cutting Permit, please email or call 604-983-7333. 

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