Phase One

1st Street Mobility Corridor

Casano Loutet Overpass

Jones Street overpass from West 21st Street to the highway #1

Phase Two

Esplanade Complete Street

Upper Levels Greenway

Phase Three

Mid-town connector through Central Lonsdale

St Davids Greenway

Chesterfield from Chadwick to 13th

Mobility Network Project

The Mobility Network project is based on upgrades to our existing Bicycle Master Plan and All Ages and Abilities Bike Network. This upgrade will include wider protected routes which will accommodate more users with a broader range of devices such as e-bikes and e-scooters. 

The strategy for this project focuses on multi-phased construction of important north-south and east-west corridors that connect people to key destinations in the City and throughout the region.

Project Phases

  • Phase Three Projects

  • Mid-Town Connector
  • St Davids Greenway
  • Chesterfield from Chadwick to 13th
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