Commercial Land Use

A large majority of the City's 48,000+ residents live in the Lonsdale Regional Town Centre, the urban core of the City. Because the area is well served by public services, community amenities, and transportation options, many people work and/or do business here as well.

There are seven major commercial centres in the City:

  • Lower Lonsdale
  • Central Lonsdale
  • Marine Drive
  • Capilano Mall Shopping Centre
  • Harbourside Business Park
  • Westview Shopping Centre
  • Park & Tilford Shopping Centre

In determining commercial land use, the City encourages commercial development as long as it generates employment opportunities and provides the services and conveniences needed to support the community. As well, the City recognizes the benefits and opportunities that come from promoting commercial development in areas outside the Town Centre.

From a future economic development perspective, the City has a limited amount of land available for new businesses. With the completion of the Harbourside Business Park, the City is effectively built-out, meaning commercial ventures that require a significant land base may not be able to establish themselves in the City. As such, the City is exploring ways to support economic growth and retain employment opportunities. Redevelopment is one such strategy.

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