Advisory Design Panel

Purpose: To recommend to Council on applications for renovation, addition or new construction usually on three family or higher development based on building relationship, siting and location within the subject and surrounding property, mass or scale of building, design, landscape, exterior finishes, impact on neighbourhood, crime prevention and environmental impact. The Advisory Design Panel also provides Council with reports on Sign Applications, and major development proposals such as public streets, parks, or other public properties.

Terms of office: Nine members serve a maximum of two terms of two years each, concluding on January 31

Committee Agendas & Meeting Minutes

Committee and Appointees, Meeting Schedule

Committee Advisory Design Panel
Members Jordan Levine (Architect)
Cynthia Toyota (Architect)
Angela Enman (Architect)
Dimitri Samaridis (Landscape Architect)
Jason Wegman (Landscape Architect)
Oliver Bibby (Business Rep)
David Jacobson (Construction Rep)
Mehrdad Rahbar (Community Rep)
Kevin Bracewell (RCMP)
Councillor Councillor Shervin Shahriari
Day 3rd Tuesday
Time 5:30 p.m.
Notes Term ends January 31
Committee Clerk / Staff Rep. Sarah Friesen, Administrative Coordinator
Matthew Menzel, Planner 3
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