Industrial Land Use

Similar to its commercial land use challenges, the City has a limited amount of land available for new industries. But here, the focus is less on development and more on support of industrial lands.

Early in its municipal development, the City's waterfront was largely responsible for its economic growth. Shipbuilding, logging, milling and marine-related industries thrived. A majority of the City's inhabitants worked on the waterfront. Today, the City's economy is much more diverse. Business and service jobs, including arts-related jobs are now prevalent. Light industry is now more common than primary or heavy industry.

The City recognizes the changing nature of the industrial sector. For example, the amount of waterfront land being actively used for industrial purposes has diminished significantly. As such, the City is looking at ways to redevelop what are traditionally industrial lands or in some cases, retain the land as is where appropriate.

There are five industrial centres in the City:

  • Waterfront
  • East of Heywood & North of CN Rail
  • Mackay to Bewicke - 3rd Street to BC Rail
  • Lower Lonsdale
  • Harbourside Business Park
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