Food Trucks and Food Carts

Food trucks add diversity and fun to our food scene and we welcome them in the City, whether they wish to operate at community events, independently within City limits, or on City property.

There are two ways to operate a food truck or cart in the City:

  • To participate in the City’s 2023 Food Truck/Cart program to operate in public spaces, you are required to have a City of North Vancouver business licence and apply to the City’s Food Truck/Cart Program for 2023. See the “2023 Food Truck and Cart Program” section below for program information and how to apply.
  • To operate your Food Truck or Cart on private property or at an event, you require a City of North Vancouver business licence. See the “Requirements to Operate in the City” section below.
  • Possession of a business licence for a truck/cart or food trailer is NOT automatic authorizing to vend food on City streets. If you have identified a location for vending, apply for a permit through the 2023 Food Truck and Cart Program.

Any Food Truck/Cart operator must have a City of North Vancouver Business Licence to operate in the City. Apply here. 

Attention – Event Organizers

Email us at for a list of licenced food trucks and carts  for your event!


2023 Food Truck and Cart Program

The City has renewed its 12 month Food Truck and Cart program after consultation with food truck and cart operators and the public, and the renewed program will run for the coming year. Through the City's pilot program, mobile food vendors are able to operate on municipal property at 16 locations and other public locations (subject to approval).   

Applications are currently being accepted. Successful applicants will be notified by Monday, April 17, 2023.

Key Dates

  • April 4 – Application intake begins
  • April 17 – Selections made for initial intake and operators notified
  • April 19 – Permits and invoices issued

Rolling intake will continue on a first-come-first served basis following the initial intake period.

Who Can Apply?

Any Food Truck or Food Cart operator with a valid City of North Vancouver Business Licence can apply for this new program to operate at The Shipyards and the other permitted street locations. City staff reserve the right to refuse any booking at their discretion.

How to Apply

Complete the 2023 Pilot Program Application Form

An application form for the Pilot Program must be submitted for each Food Truck/Cart. Only one application is required whether you're requesting one location or multiple locations/dates. 

Please allow 2-3 working days for your application to be processed. Bookings are not confirmed until invoices (Shipyards) or permits (all other locations) are paid.


Food Trucks and Food Carts that operate in the City must have a City of North Vancouver business licence. The business licence does NOT give the right to vend food on City streets.

The Food Truck/Cart operator must have:

  • Certificate of Insurance for $5 million Commercial General Liability (naming the City of North Vancouver Additional Insured)  
  • $2 million Automobile Liability Insurance (Food Truck only)
  • A valid permit to operate from the health department (either VCH or Fraser Valley)
  • A current GVFCA inspection report and decal (Fire Inspection)
  • Clearance Letter in good standing from WorkSafe BC (or exemption notice if applicable) – learn more on the WorkSafeBC website

The Food Truck operator should be aware that if they are applying to operate at a special event they also need approval from the Event Organizer to be there and will need to show their Business Licence.

Apply for a City of North Vancouver business licence online.

Permitted Locations

Designated locations in the City:  You can apply to operate at a specific location (16 locations) and it does not need to be at an event. View the map of locations. Use the booking form to apply.

  • Food Carts and Trucks can operate at 16 designated locations (7 are for carts only) without restriction on dates. Carts and trucks must leave the area by 10:00pm (with occasional exceptions at The Shipyards).
  • New for 2023: The Shipyards will be inviting Trucks and Carts year-round, not just when there is an event – note that this popular location has a daily fee. 
  • New for 2023: Food Carts can vend in a designated location without taking out a three year contract. 
  • Is there another location you'd want to try? We are open to your ideas! Contact to discuss. 
Location   Truck or Cart Cart only  Map Location #
Lonsdale & 21st Southeast corner (2032 Lonsdale)   12
Lonsdale & 19th Northwest corner (1905 Lonsdale)   11
Lonsdale & 17th Southeast corner (1650 Lonsdale)   10
Lonsdale & 14th West side. Sidewalk frontage by the Continuum or at Civic Plaza   9
East Esplanade 300 block, southside   3
Kings Mill Walk Park On the street at Harbourside Place   5
Heywood Park Northwest corner of Hamilton Ave near the washrooms   8
Jack Loucks Court     14
Mahon Park Northside of 400 Block W16th St   2
Moodyville Park Moody Ave at E2nd Street   6
Mosquito Creek Park East side 1600 block Fell   7
Ray Perrault Park Grand Boulevard West   4
Rogers Plaza     15
Victoria Park West On the street near the washrooms   1
Waterfront Park No vehicle access (close to the Gazebo)   13
The Shipyards * Usually south side Wallace Mews   16

*The Shipyards operates with unique locations and fees. See the fees section for details.

Some locations may permit multiple mobile food service operators at the City’s discretion. 

The City of North Vancouver is not responsible for the economic viability of any location.

Operating at events: Typically, event organizers will submit this request on behalf of the Food Truck/Cart operator(s). Food Truck/Cart operators still require a City of North Vancouver Business Licence.

The event organizer may apply for any location on City or private property; each request is reviewed by staff for location-specific safety and community concerns/recommendations.

There are no electrical or waste services at these locations. There is no potable water, and often no (or limited) sanitary services provided, except at The Shipyards.



Except for the Shipyards, the designated fee will only be for a Street Use Permit ($84 inc GST).  If the location is a street, there is an additional $100 for bespoke parking signage. 


Type Cost
Business Licence Fee (annual)

Food Truck = $250

Food Cart = $166

Location Fees

On streets (or sidewalks for carts)

Street Permit = $80 +GST

Installation/removal of CNV date specific “No Parking” street signage = $50/sign (minimum 2)


Shipyards Daily Fees  

Type Cost
Food Truck/day (Shipyards only)

Monday to Thursday $125.00 +GST

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Stats $200.00 +GST

Food Cart/day (Shipyards only)

Monday to Thursday $75.00 +GST

Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Stats $100.00 +GST

The Shipyards staff are required to be present to provide access and egress support.

More Details About Locations

Food Truck and Cart operators are required to do daily clean up within a 10 metre (30 ft) radius of the food truck or cart, and garbage and waste must be recycled or disposed of off-site.

Disposing of liquid waste in drains or bodies of water is strictly prohibited and is an offence that carries a fine.

Use of public City of North Vancouver garbage or recycling containers is not permitted.

Permitted hours of operation are between 10:00am to 10:00pm daily.  



Contact Info

Tel: 604-982-3910

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