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The Mobile Food Services Pilot Program builds on existing City policy to permit Mobile Food Services. The 2022 Pilot Program will permit Food Trucks and Food Carts to operate at 16 designated locations through the City of North Vancouver. The Program also allows for Food Trucks and Food Carts to apply to locate on private property for special events.

Licensed operators can apply to operate on certain dates and times (slots) at designated locations throughout the City. Food Trucks will be able to apply for up to eight locations, and Food Carts can apply to operate at all 16 locations.
For events, applications will continue as per usual practice with the City. A valid Business Licence is required and a Street Use Permit or a Special Event Permit may need to be issued upon review from City staff.

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback about the Mobile Food Services Pilot Program. Please visit the Let's Talk project page for a summary of what we heard and next steps. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s the difference between a Food Truck and a Food Cart?

Though the names are similar, there are actually key differences between the two, as defined by the Business Licence Bylaw (8640).

Food Truck

As defined in the bylaw, a Food Truck means a vehicle with cooking equipment that produces smoke or grease laden vapours in a confined compartment.

Food Cart

As defined in the bylaw, a Food Cart means any wagon, cart, kiosk, table, or vehicle other than a Food Truck from which food, confectionary or beverage is offered for sale.

What is a slot and how does it work?

A slot is a designated date, time, and location for a Food Truck or Food Cart to operate during the Pilot Program.

Licenced Food Trucks and Food Carts can apply to operate on specific dates and times in 16 designated areas throughout the City. Applications are being received on a rolling basis until the end of the Pilot Program. Please allow 2-3 days for your application to be processed. 

Costs for Slots

There are three different types of rates for individual slots:

  • Food Truck slot rate: $50 to a maximum charge of $650
  • Food Cart slot rate: $25 to a maximum charge of $325
  • The Shipyards slot rate: $125

Once the maximum charge is reached, operators will not pay for additional slot allocations assigned during the Pilot Program. Payment for slots are due seven days following confirmation from City staff regarding slot allocations. 

Note that The Shipyards slots are more costly as the location provides utility hook-ups for Food Trucks to operate, and staff are required to be present to provide access and egress support, as well as maintain public seating, waste management, and cleaning of public washrooms.

How Applicants Are Chosen for Slots

To participate, interested Food Truck/ Cart operators must submit a completed Pilot Program Application Form.

Staff will assign slots and confirm allocations with the applicants directly. If more than one application is received for the same slot, staff will strive to ensure equity and transparency, especially for anticipated high-traffic locations. In some locations, there may be opportunity to situate more than one vendor.

Staff will make the appropriate recommendation based on considerations of safety and use of public property. Applicants will be notified of slot allocations typically within 2-3 days of applying. Payments will be due within seven days.

Cancellation of Slots

If you’ve been approved for a slot and need to cancel the booking, email or call 604-985-7761. Refunds will be issued if 72 hours of notice has been provided.

Slots that are cancelled will become immediately available to other Food Truck/Cart operators for booking.

Operators that don’t show up for their designated slots will forfeit their remaining slot allocations following two or more ‘no-shows’.

When and where can I operate my Food Truck?

For a singular event, you can apply at any time and request a specific date and time to operate. A minimum of two weeks’ advance notice is suggested. Typically, event organizers will submit this request on behalf of the Food Truck operator(s).

You may apply for any location on City or private property; each request is reviewed by staff for location-specific safety and community concerns.

To participate in the 2022 Pilot Program, you can apply for a slot allocation for a specific location (16 locations) on a specific date during the Pilot Program. View the map of locations.

What are the dates of the Pilot Program?

The Pilot Program launched following approval from Council on May 16, 2022. The Pilot Program will be in operation from May 17, 2022 until October 30, 2022. Locations where Food Trucks and Food Carts can apply to operate can be seen in the Food Truck map.


  • May 17-May 30: First intake of applications accepted
  •  June 3-6: First intake of slot allocations confirmed
  •  June 1-October 16: Program open for rolling applications
  • October 30: Program closes

This Pilot Program will allow for the City to try out a more flexible, broad program to determine the opportunities and challenges with operating an annual Mobile Food Services program. 

Lessons learned during the pilot, together with input from residents and businesses in our community, will be incorporated into a report back to Council in Fall 2022 in order to develop an annual program and make necessary regulatory and policy changes.

How do I apply?

Operators don’t need to be a resident business in the City to apply.

Any Food Truck or Food Cart operator with a valid City of North Vancouver Business Licence can apply. If you don’t have a current Business Licence, you may submit an application for a Licence together with your Pilot Program submission. Apply for a Business Licence online at

Food Trucks and Carts that operate in the City of North Vancouver must meet some basic requirements before being allowed to operate. Specifically:

A Food Truck business licence will be issued once documentation of Fire and Health certification have been provided, along with a Certificate of Insurance for $5 million Commercial General Liability which names the City of North Vancouver as Additional Insured, and $2 million Automobile Liability.

Pilot Program Application

An application form for the Pilot Program must be submitted for each Food Truck/Cart. One application is required whether you're requesting one slot or multiple slots. Complete the Pilot Program Application Form.

Applications are being received on a rolling basis until the end of the Pilot Program. Please allow 2-3 days for your application to be processed. 


Contact Info

Please contact us at or call 604-982-WORK (9675).

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