Measuring Our Progress

As the City moves toward achieving its vision for a sustainable community, setting targets and monitoring our progress become very important. Ours is a growing municipality and as people's priorities evolve and community needs change, the City must remain flexible to those needs but also be able to stay the course.

Setting targets for change allow the City to work towards specific, achievable goals. Monitoring that change allows the City to gauge its progress.

The City's Official Community Plan, which incorporates sustainability goals into every aspect of the plan, provides a blueprint for the City's future. As such, measuring our progress in sustainability must be done on a long-term basis.

The City has developed a Targets, Indicators and Monitoring System (TIMS) to help track the City's progress in achieving the over 200 goals and objectives set out by the OCP. As data becomes available, the information will be provided here. Please check back for future updates about our progress.

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