Finance Committee Minutes

The function of the Finance Committee shall be to consider the financial implications of existing and proposed policies, programs, and actions, to assess their financial impact, and to recommend to Council the measures of adjustments required to make the best use of the City's financial resources. In particular, it shall be the duty and responsibility of the Finance Committee to consider and make recommendations to Council on the following subjects:

  1. The annual municipal budget, both operating and capital expenditures.
  2. The Five-Year Capital Expenditure Program and Long-Term Capital Expenditures.
  3. Annual municipal grant requests.
  4. Major non-budgeted expenditure requests.
  5. Any financial policy reviews.
  6. Audit.
  7. Borrowing bylaws.
  8. Labour relations and personnel matters.

To access a video of Finance Committee, please go to the Council Meeting Minutes page. The videos are linked to the "Meeting Minutes - Video and Reports". Archived transcripts are available online.

2020 Finance Committee Meeting Minutes
2018 Finance Committee Meeting Minutes
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2016 Finance Committee Meeting Minutes
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