Residential Land Use

There are presently more than 48,000 residents in the City. By 2021, approximately 55,400 people are anticipated to make the municipality their home. But if the City's economy remains strong and the community continues to be a sought after place to live and work, the City must plan for a potential residential population of over 62,000.

The City's Lonsdale Regional Town Centre is home to the greatest concentration of residential dwellings. High density development, transportation, public amenities and major institutions such as schools, churches and emergency services can all be found in this area. Single family neighbourhoods surround the Town Centre.

Through its Official Community Plan (OCP), the City aims to provide a range of housing options that can accommodate the diverse and growing needs of the community. The type of dwelling, cost and location are all important considerations when determining residential land use. Other objectives can be found in Chapter 5 of the OCP.

Residential Densities

To meet the diverse housing needs of its residents, the City aims to establish transitional densities and building forms in its residential land use. The intent is to avoid "zoning cliffs", which can create inequalities in the community and impact sustainable strategies. Instead, the City works to blend lower density multiple residential development with higher density and single family areas.

The City also recognizes the need to designate land for non-market housing, non-profit social housing, and affordable, adequate accommodations for lower income households.

There are six levels of residential densities and two designated mixed-use areas. Diagrams and additional information about each of the following can be found in Chapter 5 of the OCP.

  • Level One: Low Density - Single Family Form
  • Level Two: Low Density - Attached Form (up to 0.5 times the lot area)
  • Level Three: Low Density - Attached Form (up to 0.75 times the lot area)
  • Level Four: Medium Density - Ground Oriented
  • Level Five: Medium Density - Apartment
  • Level Six: High Density - Apartment
  • Mixed Use: Urban Corridor
  • Mixed Use: Lower & Central Lonsdale Town Centre
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