Esplanade Complete Street

The Esplanade Complete Street improvements are now complete between Forbes Avenue and 3rd Street and along Esplanade to St Andrews Avenue. We’ve redesigned Esplanade to create a safer, more comfortable experience for people of all ages and abilities, no matter how you choose to travel in the City. 

These upgrades have:

  • Improved safety by separating sidewalks, mobility lanes, and vehicle lanes to minimize unsafe vehicle interactions
  • Updated curbside regulations to support increased passenger pick-up, drop-off, and delivery activities
  • Improved traffic flow by upgrading intersections and reducing friction from parking conflicts
  • Introduced more street trees, landscaping, and seating areas to create more welcoming social spaces


person riding bike in bike lanePicture of esplanade with bus driving by bike lane










This project is part of the City’s Mobility Network Project and delivers on strategies and actions outlined in the City’s Mobility Strategy. When travelling to Esplanade and The Shipyards, familiarize yourself with transportation options including transit. If you are driving to the area, please note the various parking options available.

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