placemaking [pleys] mak·ing [māking]
noun The art of altering a public space into a living space.
verb Creating a public space that connects people in a pleasant and uplifting way.


Parklets are modular public spaces that are welcoming and inclusive to everyone. Parklets provide opportunities to create engaging public spaces by way of re-purposing the street. Parklets expand and enhance public space and create many benefits for pedestrians, local businesses and the surrounding community.

A parklet is built on an extended platform over a reallocated parking space, and can incorporate added amenities like seating, tables, greenspace, art and bike parking. Parklets are typically built in partnership with community partners and business associations.


Benefits of Parklets

  • Engage the community by creating opportunities for social connection in urban areas
  • Create safe, welcoming community spaces to sit, rest, and connect 
  • Improve and enhance the streetscape
  • Attract foot traffic and potential customers to nearby businesses by adding public seating and unique spaces on the street to eat and drink
  • Expand the streetscape and provide space for programming and activations

Lonsdale Open Streets Parklets

As part of our Open Streets initiative, the City has installed a number of parklets on Lonsdale Avenue to expand the streetscape and support public health and safety. 

Pride Parklet | 1400 block Lonsdale (east)

Provided in partnership with the United Way. There's even a 'Little Library' donated by United Way of the Lower Mainland and supported by the City library featuring LGBTQIA2S+ books for the public to borrow!

Pride Parklet all decked out for  International Pride Month

Community Parklet | 1500 block Lonsdale (east)

Covered, with benches and chairs, ready for all-weather socializing. "Nature Neighbours' murals inside and out painted by Studio in the City youth.

parklet 1500 block Lonsdale 

Play Along the Way | 1600 block Lonsdale (west)

This fun parklet is ready and waiting for you to play along the way. Provided in partnership with the United Way.  

Shipping Container Parklet | 1700 block Lonsdale (west)

This fully accessible public space is now open and ready for all to enjoy. Provided in partnership with Neptune Terminals.

17th St Parklet


Neighbourhood Parklets

19th St W & Lonsdale Barklet

This parklet (near Bosley's Pet Store) is a dog mini-park with artificial turf and agility equipment. Stop by our colourfully painted BARKlet with your furry friends.

barklet interior

Parklet Barklet

1st St E & Lonsdale

Parklet painted by former Studio in the City youth artist mentor Paula Barrantes, complete with furniture, umbrellas, and dog water bowl. Soon to be added: bike rack, Little Library, and plants.

parklet 1st & Lonsdale 

5th St W & Chesterfield

Provided in partnership with the United Way of the Lower Mainland, Seaspan/SRY, and Squamish Nation. This shipping container parklet provides a safe, covered outdoor space for the community to enjoy year round. We thank our community partners for their significant contributions of financial and in-kind support to source, fabricate, consult, and deliver this parklet.

Parklet Shipping Container Beans

Love for Our Parklets

We got this lovely note from a resident.

"Thank you for the wonderful covered parklets that have been installed on Lonsdale. I've made good use of them, it is more and more difficult to find a dry place to sit and have a coffee or have a physically distanced chat with someone in your bubble, these little open spaces are perfect for just that"  ~ W. Dallian

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