North Vancouver Policing Committee

The North Vancouver Policing Committee is subject to the Federal Privacy Act and acts as an advisory committee providing advice and recommendations on policing matters to the District and City Councils and the RCMP Officer in Charge (OIC).

Public Input as per the Terms of Reference: Individual members of the public or interested groups may submit a request to the Chairman to attend Special Police Committee meetings to be scheduled twice a year in order to enable members of the public to provide input on issues or matters of relevance to the Committee. If approved by the Chairperson, public input of no more than 10 minutes per person shall take place immediately following the commencement of the special meeting. Public notification of the Special Police Committee meetings will be in accordance with the notification procedures adopted by the City and District of North Vancouver. The Agenda for the public meetings may include a review of the detachment's past year's performance and the next year's goals

Complaints against RCMP members regarding conduct or investigations are to be dealt with through the normal procedures at the Detachment or the Commission for Public Complaints Against the RCMP, not at the public meeting.

Committee Joint Police Committee

Leanne McCarthy, CAO (CNV)
Linda Buchanan, Mayor (CNV)
Holly Back, Councillor (CNV)
David Stuart, CAO (DNV)
Mike Little, Mayor (DNV)
Jim Hanson, Councillor (DNV)

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