Children & Youth Initiatives Fund

Applications for Youth Grants are now closed. Applications will re-open in the Fall of 2024.

Do you have an idea for an event, initiative, program or service but don't have enough money to turn it into reality? Consider applying for a Youth Grant. 

The purpose of this fund is to provide seed money to support or initiate events, programs and services for children and youth in the City of North Vancouver. All activities supported by this fund must be based in the City of North Vancouver, or be of primary benefit to children and youth residents in the City.

Who Can Apply

This fund is not available for sports programs, or to supplement core funding for Outreach Youth Services. Efforts should be made to involve children and youth who are not normally involved in community activities. Grants approved under this fund shall be for new events, programs or services, or to enhance existing events, programs or services, which have proven successful.

Types of Grants

Agency Initiated Projects or Events ($3,000)

The City offers grants of up to $3,000 for special projects undertaken for children and youth up to the age of 21 years. Projects funded by these grants should be preventative in nature, providing children and youth with information, skills and activities, which enable them to live fuller, more productive, lives. Grants of up to $3,000 will be available as seed money for new projects, or to augment existing programs. Grants may be used to cover staffing costs and/or program expenses. Preference will be given to projects which exhibit inter-agency collaboration and which give special consideration to integrating children and youth with disabilities, from low-income families and of ethnic minorities.


Youth Initiated Projects or Events ($500)

The City offers grants of up to $500 for projects and events undertaken for youth between the ages of 12 and 21 years. These grants are intended to provide youth with funding assistance to put on community projects and events. The grant may be used to cover expenses such as building rental, equipment rentals, publicity, entertainment and/or refreshments.

Application & Selection Process

Applying is easy - simply fill out the Child and Youth Grant form.

For your convenience, the Application Form is a fillable PDF. Here are the steps to digitally complete the form:

  1. Open the PDF.
  2. Save it with another name (go to the File menu and select Save As).
  3. Fill in the form and Save.
  4. Submit your completed form by this year's deadline, either by email to or by mail or in person to:

    Julia Spitale, Coordinator
    Community Development
    City of North Vancouver
    141 West 14th Street
    North Vancouver, BC V7M 1H9 

All completed submissions received by the deadline will be reviewed by the Children and Youth Initiatives Committee. This committee will make recommendations to Council regarding allocations. The winner(s) will be presented with an award by Council at a regular City Council meeting.

2023 Recipients

Mountainside Secondary School: PE 10 Wellness

Students have historically had a difficult time completing PE10 (grad requirement). Wellness is a non-competitive PE class created to increase participation and attendance while giving students opportunities they may not have had in the past. Grant funds will be used to allow students to participate in yoga, climbing, snowshoeing and driving range sessions.

Middlepeace Clinical Counselling Society: Youth Leadership

This project is to provide adolescents and youth a safe forum to practice leadership, project planning, interpersonal connection building, and public speaking. Children and youth often fear and avoid public speaking or presentation. Anxiety for school project and fear of failure cause challenges and isolation. 

Soap for Hope Canada: Essential Hygiene Products for Vulnerable Youth 

Provide basic hygiene products at no charge (soap, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, menstrual products, toothbrushes, toothpaste, brushes, etc.) Works with established community facilities, schools and non-profits to identify youth needing products. 

Washington Kids Foundation: Eslha7an Program 

Program to promote mental and physical health through fitness (training, nutrition, strength, team building), mentorship (self esteem/confidence, 1:1 coaching, fostering positive relationships) and learning (developing effective studying skills, creating space to explore new topics). 

Get Out and Play 

Two free annual sports day events for North Vancouver families in summer and winter to promote physical activity and connect youth to local sports. Volunteers run activities/sport stations.

Air Cadet Youth Training Program 

Contributes to the development and formation of youth in the community through organizational training, field exercises, survival training, marksmanship and flying instruction. 

North Shore Girls 

A group for neurodiverse teen girls with a goal to provide and organize activities in the community, establish friendships and support independence.

Junior Achievement BC: Success Skills for North Vancouver Youth 

This program prepares youth to demonstrate awareness of self-efficacy in skill attainment and career development, identify specific skills required for effective collaboration in short and long-term situations, understand the fundamentals of critical thinking and problem solving skills, use communication techniques to enhance their communication with others and investigate tools for conflict resolution and how to come to a consensus with those who have differing ideas. 

CityHive Youth Engagement Society: CityShapers at City Hall 

Equity-based civic education classroom program offered to elementary and secondary schools across Metro Vancouver, working with municipal governments to host engaging and low-barrier field trips. 

Ridgeway Elementary School: ReconciliAction Ravens 

Ridgeway's Indigenous Education Student Committee purchased two looms last year to do a school-wide weaving project. The students from Reconiliaction Ravens will guide students and faculty through teachings about Indigenous perspectives and moving forward with courage. 

Mountainside Secondary School: Developing Social Skills Through Gaming 

A weekly after school Dungeons and Dragons Group. The group facilitates social connections, peer relations and builds social skills through gaming. The group offers these students opportunities to develop leadership and confidence with the possibility of earning course credits for participation.

Youth Unlimited North Shore: Mobile Youth Drop-In Expansion to Sutherland 

YU's mobile drop-in has expanded to include the Sutherland neighbourhood (as well as Carson Graham & Mountainside) by invite from RCMP and in collaboration with NVSD and CNV. The area was requested due to students' destructive behavior and targeted as in need of support. 

Sutherland Secondary School: Girls Club 

Provides a space for the Girls Group to connect and learn about healthy relationships/sexuality, safe social media use, community resources, self care, tools and skills for building friendships, resilience, and staying safe. Guest speakers will provide insight into different topics. The club is a prevention piece with activities focused on self care, social-emotional well being and being informed on community resources.

Queen Mary Community Elementary: Body Science Workshops 

Sexual health education sessions with in-class workshops for 1-1.5hr sessions per grade over two days. Teachers support learning through workshops and facilitate further discussions in class and at home. Parents of students in grade 1 and 2 are invited to take part in the workshops during the day. 


Arts enrichment program that facilitates youth in enhancing their creativity and development of fine motor skills. This program is hosted at Driftwood Village Cohousing's common house for children and youth who live in the community.

Fearless: Girls’ Empowerment Camp 

The camp was created to educate and empower pre-teen and teenage girls and gender diverse youth, providing them with knowledge and tools to navigate adolescence. Camp sessions include learning opportunities, workshops, bonding, crafts and activities, and an outdoor trip. 

Community Crochet

Stations containing the beginnings of a crochet blanket with yarn, a crochet hook, and instructions are set up at community organizations in North Vancouver. The goal is for youth who come across it to add rows of crochet until the blanket is finished. All of the blankets created by Community Crochet will be donated to Blanket BC. 

CityFest 2024 

BC's largest youth festival taking place annually during Youth Week. Cityfest has welcomed over 4000 visitors over the course of the day, the festival includes longboard races, a skateboard competition, performances by youth musicians, visual arts displays from young artists, food trucks, vendors, and community booths. Youth are key to the planning and execution of Cityfest, with volunteers between the ages of 10-24 assisting in event planning and management.

Carson Graham Secondary: Beyond the Four Walls

Provides experiential learning and place-based education for students through field trips in BC, primarily in North Vancouver. Students lack opportunities for experiential learning and place-based education; there is not enough funding to support and implement a fully Indigenized teaching practice in schools. Students are more engaged when learning happens on the field.  

2022 Recipients

Koala Koders

Koala Koders provides free programming (coding) education to SD44 students through game development and programming language courses targeted to elementary students who may lack access to STEM education tools and classes. Programming classes meet once a week for 2 hours to learn more about coding and practice their knowledge through problem sets. The program will be offered at no cost to students and operate on a similar model to what is in place at DNV and CNV public libraries.

Magic The Gathering Youth Club

After school card game club at North Vancouver City Library (NVCL) for a 6-8 week campaign. NVCL providing in-kind support through use of their space(s) and participant recruitment.  Provides a new hobby or after school activity for youth. Funds will be used for facilitators, advertising, card decks, dice, and cases.

Sustainable Lawn Gardens 

Sustainable Lawn Gardens will conduct events, presentations and workshops for daycares and elementary schools to inform and advise on how to build a lawn garden. Funds will be used to provide complimentary plants/seeds to participants, gardening equipment, advertising, and refreshments during events.

Fearless: Girls Empowerment Camp

Fearless: Girls Empowerment Camp is a 2 week camp to empower teenage girls and gender diverse youth, providing them with knowledge and tools to help navigate adolescence. Camp includes many opportunities and workshops from external organizations, bonding, crafts/activities, and an outdoor trip.  Funds will be used for a group facilitator, honorariums, day trip and workshop expenses, art supplies, PPE, food, transportation, staff wages, and facility costs.


A once-a-week arts enrichment program for children and youth at Driftwood Village Cohousing. Crafternoon provides an opportunity for youth of different ages, genders, abilities, and interests to connect with one another. The program has grown to include participants from outside Driftwood. Funds will be used to purchase more equipment/materials/tools for art making, storage units for supplies, and honorariums for instructors.

Westcoast Boys Club Network

A mentorship program for boys and provides connection and builds confidence through workshops, education, outings, social functions, and opportunities.  Funds will be used for meeting refreshments, clothing and shoes for those needing extra support, and transportation to activities within the lower mainland.

Youth Art Competition Using Upcycled/Reused Materials

A free youth art initiative that will introduce a variety of reusable materials available in the community to create unique, beautiful things. Hands on experience will engage youth in creative problem solving and a variety of methods/processes that can be used to upcycle. Funds will be used for facilitator costs, equipment rental, and supplies.

Kid Teaching Kids 

Kid Teaching Kids will help children and youth develop confidence through providing a peer-to-peer teaching opportunity.  Teachers will provide mentorship on how to command the room and will guide them on how to plan the craft they will be teaching.  Funding will be used for facility rental, staff time, materials, and honorariums for child teachers.

Queen Mary’s Social Diversity Club

A social justice action club dedicated to raising awareness about student identified issues, including race, ability, and sexuality in our school community. Students committed their year to raising awareness about these social injustices by dedicating their grant towards a Black Lives Matter/Black History Month presentation, hosting wheelchair basketball, along with Pink Shirt Day and Pride Week. The initiatives driven by students this year reflect a profound understanding of how uniting diverse, marginalized communities creates a greater understanding of empathy and self-awareness.


2021 Recipients

Talk at the Top Jack Summit

An annual community-based mental health advocacy summit that brings together high school students from across BC for mental health education, skill building, and collaboration opportunities. Grant funds would be used to cover event and staff costs.

World of Choices

This program focuses on three pillars of financial literacy, work readiness, and entrepreneurship skills for students in grade 4-12. It is designed to raise awareness to youth and families about career possibilities and education pathways to those careers. Grant funds would be used for program staff, operations and administration.

PROUD2BE Gender Identity & Sexual Orientation Virtual Event Series 

A series of educational and responsive sessions for LGBTQ2S+ children, youth, parents, caregivers, and professionals will attend to build connections, address inequity, reduce stigma, find support, and receive expert metal/physical health. The program also offers a limited in-person youth rec night. Grant funds would be used for staff, technology, programming, speakers, promotions, and administrative costs.

Moon Time Sisters BC Drive 

This project collects and sends menstrual products to remote indigenous communities in BC through donation and volunteers across the North Shore. Grant funds would be used for menstrual products, boxes, printing, and shipping.

Ecole Boundary Elementary

Junior Dungeons and Dragons club at school providing benefits for children who struggle socially. Grant funds would be used for purchasing books, dice, and bins for materials.

AB Seedlings

K-Trees, a program that allows children to adopt and plant a tree somewhere in the City of North Vancouver. Grant funds would be used to purchase seedlings. 

Mountainside Secondary

Yoga and Wellness Activities, a wellness (non-competitive) PE class aimed at youth who are not able to participate in a traditional PE program. Grant funds would be used for field trips to yoga classes, climbing gym, snowshoeing, and the driving range.



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