Public Input Period

Have a comment you want to share with Mayor and Council? The Public Input Period is your opportunity to share your thoughts with Council and have your comments placed on record. Please note that during the Public Input Period, Mayor and Council are there to listen only and will not respond to questions.

Speaker Sign Up & Process

There are two ways to sign up to speak during the Public Input Period:

  1. Speakers who choose to participate electronically must pre-register by 12:00 noon on the day of the Council meeting by completing the Public Input Period Registration form, or by phoning 604-990-4230 to provide contact information. Pre-registrants will receive instructions via email or phone on the afternoon of the Council meeting, including a request to connect to the meeting 15-30 minutes before the meeting start time.
  2. Speakers who choose to participate in person must sign the speaker list located outside the Council Chamber between 5:30 and 5:55pm on the day of the Council meeting. Enter City Hall through the doors at the southwest corner of the building (i.e. staff entrance off 13th Street) after 5:30pm.

Registered speakers must:

  • Login or phone into the Council meeting between 5:30 and 5:45pm on the day of the meeting if participating electronically.
  • State their name and address for the record.
  • Provide any accompanying written or presentation materials to the Corporate Officer via email at by 12:00 noon on the day of the Council meeting.

Speaker Guidelines

The General Rules of Conduct are outlined in Section 5.1 of Council Procedure Bylaw, 2015, No. 8500.

Each speaker has two (2) minutes to address Council during the Public Input Period. There is a five (5) speaker maximum, per meeting.

Please do not comment on:

  • concluded Public Hearings or Public Meetings
  • Public Hearings, Public Meetings, and Committee Meetings scheduled on the same evening’s agenda (i.e. an opportunity for public comment on these matters will be provided when the item comes forward for discussion, and can only be recognized and form part of the official record at that time)

When speaking, please address the Mayor as “Your Worship” or “Mayor” followed by their surname. Please address Councillors as “Councillor” followed by their surname.

Speakers’ comments will be live-streamed on the City’s website, recorded, and form part of the public record of the meeting.

Register to Speak at a Public Input Period

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