Chalk Art Guidelines

We love creative expressions through chalking! We encourage the community to create vibrant, animated spaces, while keeping in mind our Chalk Art Guidelines.

Community Chalk Areas

We've created specific areas for artists to create positive messages:

  • The Shipyards – Shipbuilders’ Square, Spirit Trail, Wallace Mews
  • Civic Plaza – main walkway from 14th Street up to the wooden deck by City Hall
  • Rogers Plaza – main plaza area adjacent to artificial turf
  • Grand Boulevard path – central walking pathway
  • Museum Muse – stair landing nearest public seating area

Guidelines for Chalk Art

Chalk art is limited to ground surfaces within Community Chalk Areas. It's not permitted on bricks, wood, building exteriors, furniture, planters, vertical surfaces, etc.

Public spaces are for everyone, so we respectfully request that:

  • Chalk art created must be suitable for public and family viewing.
  • Art and words be positive – profanity or divisive messages are not allowed.
  • Words, symbols, or caricatures intended as political statements not appear within the art.
  • Art created must be sensitive and appropriate to the cultural and religious diversity of our community, and respect the variety of beliefs and backgrounds in our community.
  • Chalk art not depict or advertise a business, product, or service.
  • Artists' promotional banners, products, samples, or brochures not appear on-site. However, artists may hand out business cards.
  • Branding, identity or graphics, belonging to the City or its programs not be included.

Need Inspiration?

Here are some ideas on what you can add to Community Chalk Areas!

  • Messages or images about what you love about your community or neighbourhood
  • Inspirational and positive messages or images
  • Colourful designs and graphics such as seasonal visuals
  • Active games
  • Community events and festivals

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