Family Friendly Housing

Families need affordable housing that meets their needs. Unfortunately, the high cost of housing often means families are living in smaller than ideal spaces in order to remain in the community. The City supports families through its Child, Youth + Family Friendly Strategy, CNV4ME.

Family friendly housing is also a key objective of the City's Housing Action Plan, which requires all new multi-family developments seeking Council approval to provide a minimum 10% of units with 3 bedrooms or greater.

The 2014 Official Community Plan envisioned a greater variety of ground-oriented housing choices in the City ideal for families and those entering the housing market, including townhouses, stacked townhouses, and rowhouses. As part of the City-initiated rezoning process for the East 3rd Street / Moodyville area, the City created a new City-wide Rowhouse Residential Use zoning category to encourage the creation of fee-simple rowhouses.

In addition, the City now permits accessory coach houses, secondary suites in single-family homes, suites in duplexes, and lock-off units in townhouses to support intergenerational living, create additional rental options in lower-density neighhourhoods, as well as provide homeowners with potential rental income.

Property Tax Deferment Program for Families

The Provincial Government has a low interest loan program that allows families to defer paying all or part of your property taxes on a principal residence if you're financially supporting a child.

Learn more at Province of BC Property Tax Deferment Program.

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