The City of North Vancouver is led by Mayor and Council and supported by numerous Committees, Commissions and Boards, which are in turn represented by dedicated volunteers from the local community. Working together as one cohesive unit, their goal is to ensure the City is continually served by the best of policies, services and programs.

Public Attendance at Committee Meetings

The public is welcome to attend Committee Meetings of the various City Advisory Bodies, including those at the Committee, Commission, Board, Task Force, Steering Committee or Panel levels. If you are interested in observing the proceedings that help shape your community, contact the City Clerk at 604-982-3973.

Please note that Committee Meetings are intended to inform and enlighten. Unless the advisory body is notified in advance and gives permission for you to speak at the proceedings, meetings are conducted in a non-debate format. For more information on procedures and guidelines regarding public attendance at Committee Meetings, contact the Committee Clerk or Chair of the preferred Advisory Body.

Committees, Meeting Schedules, Agendas and Minutes

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