Housing Initiatives Grant

The Housing Initiatives Grant Program (HIG) seeks to activate the City's current and future policies related to affordable housing, seniors housing and housing for those with disabilities. This program also supports the linking of programs or services with affordable housing to meet housing-related social objectives.

What Will Be Funded?

The Housing Initiatives Grant Program enables Council to fund initiatives, which support the City's affordable housing objectives and policies. This includes task forces, studies, and other housing projects which are one-time only, non-capital related and of limited duration.

While relatively small projects or components of larger projects submitted by community organizations and non-profits are targeted, partial funding in partnership with other funders is also acceptable. Funding will not be considered for services or operating costs.

Council will consider one or two grants each year of approximately $10,000.

Evaluation Criteria for Proposal Submissions

  1. Implements or demonstrates City housing priorities or housing related policies such as accessibility, integration of services in housing projects, or innovative approaches to affordable housing provision.
  2. Addresses housing concerns of City residents, both current and future, and seeks to make the City a more inclusive community.
  3. Involves City residents in proposed projects and has community support.
  4. Demonstrates a partnership approach with community leaders (application via local community agency or organization).
  5. Viability of proposed project (do-able within the submitted budget and time frame.)
  6. Demonstrated ability of applicant to successfully complete project.
  7. Evidence that proposed project will lead to concrete outcomes in keeping with City housing policies.

Application Procedures

  1. Letters outlining a project idea will be received throughout the year for review by City staff, in conjunction with the eligibility and evaluation criteria outlined above. Letters should indicate how the proposal fits with the City's affordable housing policies, what type of need it will address, the goals and objectives of the project and the expected benefits of the completed project.
  2. Staff will review submitted letters and contact the applicant to discuss the proposed project. Council will receive staff assessment of proposals and consider the request for funding.
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