Commercial Vehicles

The City's Street and Traffic Bylaw No. 6234 regulates the routes, sizes and weights for heavy trucks.

Truck Routes

Designated truck routes are established and signed to restrict truck traffic from using certain streets within the City. This protects the physical structure of the roadway; protects residential neighborhoods and areas not well suited to the size, noise and nuisance factors associated with large trucks; and addresses safety concerns.

A commercial vehicle or combination of vehicles with a licensed gross vehicle weight of 11,800 kg or more, or a commercial vehicle with four or more axles may only travel on designated Truck Routes within the City – review the Truck Route map and restrictions (PDF). If your destination isn't on a truck route, use the shortest route between your destination and the closest truck route.

Truck route signage, both permissive and restrictive, is strategically located throughout the City to guide trucking companies. Trucking companies are required to apply for permits when they exceed any of the routing, size, or weight restrictions.

Bridge Load Ratings

The table below states the allowable vehicles on bridges in the City of North Vancouver.

Please contact Engineering at 604-983-7333 for additional information, including overhead clearances, loading, turn radius, travel times, and routing. All oversized vehicles must have a CNV oversized permit and routing prior to travel within the City boundaries.

If you have a load that exceeds those listed, please contact For a fee we can determine whether your load can be accommodated with special provisions.

Allowable Vehicles Without Structural Assessment

No. Bridge Name Allowable Vehicle Details
B1 16th Street over Mosquito Creek 85 tonne 9 Axle Permit Truck None
B2 Marine Drive over Mosquito Creek 85 tonne 9 Axle Permit Truck None
B3 2nd Street over Mosquito Creek 85 tonne 9 Axle Permit Truck None
B4 Bewicke Avenue at Mosquito Creek Load Limit Postings Single Axle: 7t, Tandem Axles: 13t, Tridem Axles: 18t
B5 Marine Drive at Mackay Creek Load Limit Postings Single Axle: 4t, Tandem Axles: 11t, Tridem Axles: 21t
B6 Cotton Road over Lynn Creek 63.5 tonne 8 Axle B-Train Computer Model Available
B7 Fell Avenue over BC Rail 85 tonne 9 Axle Permit Truck None

Notes: Refer to Vehicle Configurations for further details of allowable vehicles.

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