The City of North Vancouver enacted the Graffiti Bylaw No. 6696 in 1995, in order to maintain a vibrant and well maintained community, which the community has come to expect.

This bylaw, specifically Section 4.1, requires that, "Every owner, or occupier, of real property shall at all times keep any wall, fence, building, structure, or thing that is located on such real property free of graffiti".

What is graffiti - and why should I care about it?

Bylaw 6696 provides this definition: "Graffiti" shall mean one or more letters, symbols or marks, howsoever made, on any structure place or thing.

There are multiple reasons why we should collectively care about graffiti.

  • Graffiti is negatively viewed by the public, can feel threatening, and may deter people from entering businesses or neighbourhoods.
  • Graffiti can convey racist or inflammatory messages that are offensive to the community. These messages, left unchecked, can spread and cause larger social issues.
  • Graffiti can indicate a general decline of an area, and can contribute to increases in other forms of criminal activity.

How do I report graffiti?

There are several ways to report graffiti in your community:

CityFix App

The most efficient way to report is to download the CityFix app and report using the app, including a photo if possible. The information will be delivered to a Bylaw Enforcement Officer who will attend the area of reported graffiti and take steps to have it removed.

Online Service Request Form

Use the website Service Request Form and check off Vandalism and/or Graffiti. Please be as specific as possible about the location. Form submissions will be routed to Bylaw Services. (Note that this form doesn't allow you to include photos.)

Contact Bylaw Services

You can also contact Bylaw Services directly at either or 604-982-8302. Response times will vary based on workload.

What do I do if I have graffiti on my residence/ business?

As a property owner it's your responsibility to remove graffiti from your building. Your cooperation in maintaining the property free of graffiti will enhance the neighbourhood and prevent subsequent vandalism from recurring.

If you find graffiti on your building, the easiest approach is to have a professional graffiti company remove the graffiti for you. A quick online search for 'graffiti removal Vancouver' will turn up many options.

DIY Approach

You can also remove the graffiti yourself as soon as it appears.

Paint and other removal items may be purchased at specially reduced prices through our Anti-Graffiti Paint Program.

  • General Paint - 1882 Marine Drive, North Vancouver 
  • Cloverdale Paint - 1624 Pemberton Avenue, North Vancouver

Both stores will provide up to 40% off paint and supplies. This support is available to both residential and commercial property owners. If you've been issued a graffiti notice, please bring this with you to show the supplier. 

The City of North Vancouver appreciates your assistance in keeping our community safe and vibrant.

Contact Info

Bylaw Services
Tel:  604-982-8302 | Monday to Friday, 8:30 - 5:00pm

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