Phase One

West 1st and 2nd Streets

Casano Loutet Overpass

Jones Street overpass from West 21st Street to the highway #1

Phase Two


Upper Levels Greenway East

Mid-town connector through Central Lonsdale

Phase Three

Upper Levels Greenway West

St Davids Greenway

Chesterfield from Chadwick to 13th

1st Street Mobility Corridor Improvements

Award Winning Upgrade

Our 1st Street Corridor received a 2021 HUB Bike Award for Infrastructure Improvement in recognition of its new protected bike lane, intersection upgrades and improved sight-lines.

Please note: Eastbound bike lane will be closed on March 25 from 8am to noon, while we complete a few finishing touches.

Construction Update


  • Majority of lane markings for the layout of the bike lane and road alignment
  • Majority of the permanent signs to assist with new changes
  • Concrete curb buffers installed to protect bike lane from MacKay to Fell 
  • Planter boxes and additional bike lane protection measures
  • Object warning signs and reflectors installed on concrete curb buffers
  • Electrical work such as loop detectors and new signal heads
In Progress or Coming Soon
  • Remaining line painting will be completed when the weather permits
Construction is expected to be completed by March.

You can now enjoy a more comfortable experience for those travelling along West 1st Street between MacKay Road and West 3rd Street.

These upgrades will:

  • Improve safety by separating vulnerable road users from vehicle traffic
  • Improve traffic flow by upgrading intersections
  • Increase sightlines for all road users

Our goal was to create a more comfortable, safer experience for commuters all ages and abilities, no matter how they get around. This project is part of the City’s Mobility Network Strategy.

W1st Street Mobility Corridor

West 1st Street Detailed Design

Visit our Let’s Talk page to review the Spring 2020 engagement for this project.  

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