North Shore Neighbourhood House Site Redevelopment

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The North Shore Neighbourhood House Hub Redevelopment is a multi-partner project on City-owned land that supports the City’s ongoing commitment to increasing rental housing and community-based services. 

The Hub Redevelopment will provide non-profit rental units, a new North Shore Neighbourhood House (NSNH), a respite centre with 18 overnight beds and 25 adult daycare spaces, and a redesigned Derek Inman Park. 

As part of re-imagining this site, the City held a series of engagement initiatives in 2021. The public and others provided essential input to help the City make the best decisions and plans for this important project.

What’s Happening Now

In January 2024, City Council directed staff to expedite planning for Phase 2 of The Hub Redevelopment. Phase 2 is dependent upon the City obtaining funding and financing for the design and construction of the NSNH portion of the project, while Catalyst Community Development Society (project housing provider) is responsible for securing housing funding and financing. Construction is anticipated to begin in late 2024. 

Phase 1 of The Hub Redevelopment is currently under construction featuring a six-story building by Catalyst with rental units and a 43-bed adult respite centre that Care BC will manage. Completion is anticipated for fall 2025.

Project Phases

The Hub is being built in three phases to ensure the continued operation of the North Shore Neighbourhood House throughout construction.

rendering of NSNH project with phases numberedPhase 1 includes the construction of a new six-storey building with 89 non-profit rental units that Catalyst Community Development Society will operate and a respite centre that The Health and Home Care Society of BC (CareBC) will manage. Catalyst is the developer for Phase 1, which is anticipated to be complete fall 2025.

Included in Phase 1 was the relocation of an existing community garden to a new site on Alder Street. The new Alder Street Community Garden was co-designed with the North Shore Community Garden Society and will be managed by the Society. 

Phase 2 will include the construction of a new building with approximately 180 non-profit rental units and a new North Shore Neighbourhood House, offering a wide range of essential community services including childcare, youth and seniors’ programs, recreational and wellness programs, and food security programs. 

Phase 3 will include a redesigned Derek Inman Park.

Project Timeline

Preliminary Engagement – Spring 2021

  • Introduced development concept to the community and gathered feedback to refine design.

Council Consideration – Fall 2021

  • City staff presented an Official Community Plan amendment, rezoning, and park boundary adjustment for Council consideration.
  • Public Hearing was held.
  • Council approved the redevelopment plan.

Phase 0 (early works) – April-August 2022

  • To prepare the site for redevelopment, the City did utility works and created a new outdoor childcare space for North Shore Neighbourhood House.

Phase 1 (northwest building) – Fall 2023-Fall 2025 (anticipated)

  • Construction is anticipated to be complete fall 2025.

Phase 2 (southwest building) – 2024-2026 (anticipated)

  • Obtain City debt financing from Municipal Financing Authority and seek assent of the electors by way of an Alternative Approval Process.
  • Initiate site preparation and detailed design of the southwest building, including 180 non-profit rental units and a new NSNH.
  • Commence construction.

Phase 3 (Derek Inman Park) – TBD

  • Decommissioning of the old NSNH and Construction of new Derek Inman Park.

About North Shore Neighbourhood House

The North Shore Neighbourhood House (NSNH) has been serving the Lower Mainland’s North Shore community since 1939. With a mission to enhance the lives of community members, especially the most vulnerable, NSNH strives to create a safe, healthy, and inclusive environment where everyone matters. As one of the largest not-for-profit organizations on the North Shore, NSNH employs more than 100 people across 18 sites, providing a wide range of programs and services that cater to children, families, youth, and seniors.

The North Shore Neighborhood House main site is situated at 225 East 2nd Street in North Vancouver's Lower Lonsdale neighborhood, and serves the community through several major programming areas that operate on-site. These programming areas encompass a range of services aimed at improving the lives of community members, with a special focus on those who are most vulnerable, and include childcare and children’s programs, community programs and services (programs that service diverse needs of our community including new parents, seniors, teens, food security, service navigators, edible garden project, lunch programs).

The current facility is near end of life. Built in 1967, the facility is faced with accessibility challenges, lack of storage, inadequate support equipment and infrastructure for the current programming.

The new North Shore Neighbourhood House facility will continue to provide an extensive range of community services, including childcare, food programs, wellness, and recreation activities, and youth and seniors’ programs. Planning has already begun for the new facility, and a draft functional program has been developed to address current and future programming needs of the NSNH. A facility of approximately 29,000 square feet is required, and will be contained within a three story podium, topped by fifteen stories of housing. 

Key program components:

  • 37 space childcare (12 infant/toddler, 25 30 months-5 years)
  • Child development program supporting 250 children with developmental delays
  • Community Programs (Teen Club for teens with special needs, , Youth Programs, Volunteer Opportunities,Seniors Wellness programming including Stroke Recovery Club andService Navigators)
  • North Shore Food Bank (serving 1,100 households/week)

Community Engagement Process

As part of re-imagining this site, the City held a series of engagement initiatives in 2021. The public and others provided essential input to help the City make the best decisions and plans for this important project. 

Engagement initiatives included a Virtual Information Session on May 13, 2021 attended by 98 people, a Let’s Talk community engagement project page, with over 1,500 page visits, and an online survey. 

During the community engagement, three main themes emerged for The Hub project:

  • Make a positive contribution to the neighbourhood
    • Safe and accessible connections to the surrounding neighbourhood
  • Create a distinct identity for the emerging community hub 
    • Fosters community connections
    • Unique identity for the North Shore Neighbourhood House
  • Create an equitable, inclusive, and sustainable design
    • Rental housing that meets a range of affordability needs


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