The City's reserves are currently a healthy $108 million and the City remains debt-free.

A number of major capital projects have been identified by residents as desired additions to the community. Delivering these projects remains a municipal priority even though the City faces unprecedented fiscal challenges, including: assessment appeals, reduced ports taxation, rising construction costs, and interest rate fluctuations.

Despite these challenges, Council and City staff continue to create value for taxes through an emphasis on major projects, City services and public safety.

City of North Vancouver Reserves 2019
General Capital Funds
Tax Sale Lands, Community
Enhancement Fund
Approx $87,000,000
Special Capital Funds
Roads, Parks and Lower Lonsdale
Approx $6,000,000
Replacement Funds
Buildings (General and Police Buildings)
Equipment (Engineering, Computer, General, and Fire Equipment)
Approx $5,000,000
Special Purpose Funds
Affordable Housing, Public Art, and Lower Lonsdale Legacy Fund
Approx $9,500,000
Non - Statutory Funds
Sustainable Transportation Alternatives and Climate Action Initiatives
Approx $500,000
Total City Reserves Approx $108,000,000
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