Heritage Advisory Commission

Purpose: To advise Council on matters related to the City's Heritage Program including:

  • Public education and awareness
  • Listing of heritage reserves on heritage inventory
  • Incentives to encourage conservation
  • Regulations and legislation to protect heritage inventory
  • Monitor resources on the inventory

The Heritage Advisory Commission also assists Council through the implementation of public education and awareness activities as part of the Heritage Program.

Terms of office: Six members serve a two-year term to a maximum of 8 years.

Commission Meetings

Committee and Appointees, Meeting Schedule

Committee Heritage Advisory Commission
Members David Longpre (Architect)
Chris Carnovale
Kate O’Donnell
Christine Wilson
Councillor Councillor Shervin Shahriari
Day 2nd Tues
Time 6:00 pm
Notes Term ends January 31
Committee Clerk

Sarah Friesen, Administrative Coordinator

Staff Rep Rupinder Basi, Manager, Planning and Development
Contact committees@cnv.org
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