Harbourside Waterfront Development

Latest Construction Updates

Construction is anticipated to begin in late September 2023 and will include installation of underground utilities and associated road work to support development of the site. Specific impacts include:

  • Road closures south of Harbourside Drive from late Sept – late Dec.
  • Greenspace south of Harbourside Place closed. Kings Mill Walk Park and park areas west of Harbourside Place remain open and accessible.
Harbourside Closures Map

North Harbour (Harbourside) is a multi-phase mixed-use development. The first phase, on the easternmost lot, consists of 377 units across four buildings, including 110 rental units. The development is being shaped by  development permit guidelines to control its form and character, and also to regulate the look and feel of the public area.

The project will be delivering a series of improvements to the area including a renewed Kings Mill Walk Park and Spirit Trail, sea level rise mitigation measures, utility upgrades, neighbourhood vehicle access improvements, and new pedestrian and cycling infrastructure. 

Construction Schedule & Updates

Phase 1 | September 2023 - June 2024

Construction of Phase 1 offsite infrastructure works will begin in September 2023 and is anticipated to be completed in June 2024. Construction signage, wayfinding and traffic control personnel will be on site at all times to assist in getting through the area. The scope of work for this phase includes the following works:

  • Underground utilities
  • A new storm water treatment facility at the foot of Fell Avenue
  • Sea level rise mitigation measures
  • New sidewalks and landscaping, including new street trees in the boulevards
  • A bi-directional bike lane along the south side of Harbourside Drive
  • Improved Spirit Trail facilities

Regular updates will be provided on this webpage. To be directly notified of construction updates, please email Ponte Brothers Contracting at kevin@pontebros.com.

Temporary Spirit Trail Re-routing

The Spirit Trail has been re-routed along the north side of Harbourside Drive, then south along the west side of Harbourside Place to reconnect in Kings Mill Walk Park. This temporary diversion will remain in effect throughout the first phase of construction to facilitate installation of the offsite infrastructure works.

 Harbourside Spirit Trail Bypass

Parking Impacts

There will be temporary parking removals to facilitate construction in the area. To subsidize affected street parking during Phase 1 construction, Concert Properties have expanded temporary public parking at 925 Harbourside Drive (controlled by IMPARK) to provide the public with free parking for the first 4 hours. 

In addition, 60 stalls have been added in the south of the IMPARK lot. All public parking is free for the first 4 hours. The remainder of the lot will accommodate construction staging and parking for tradespeople to help mitigate impacts to street parking in the area. This temporary parking lot is intended to remain in place until this phase of the development begins construction.

Harbourside No Parking Map

Kings Mill Walk Park | Fall 2024

The next phase of construction will include a newly designed Kings Mill Walk Park, including improvements to the shoreline and habitat enhancements. This work is anticipated to begin in fall 2024. Visit the project webpage for more information. 

Phase 2 | 2025

Phase 2 of the development works includes 801 Harbourside Drive and associated infrastructure works including utilities, storm water management, sidewalks and various roadwork. This phase is anticipated to begin once Kings Mill Walk Park is complete. 

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Questions about the development, permits, and more
Matthew Menzel, Planner
City of North Vancouver | planning@cnv.org

Questions about off-site construction, parking, and Spirit Trail diversion
Krister Naab, Project Manager
City of North Vancouver | eng@cnv.org

Questions about North Harbour development
Concert Properties | Feedback@ConcertProperties.com

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