Harbourside Waterfront Development

Harbourside is a four-phase mixed-use development. The first phase, on the easternmost lot, consists of 377 units across four buildings, including 110 rental units. The development includes one level of underground vehicle parking, secure bicycle parking, and two car-share vehicle spaces.

The development is being shaped by development permit guidelines to control its form and character, and also to regulate the look and feel of the public area including street width, parking access, public amenities, materials, and architectural styles. Improvements to vehicle access, transit connections, Kings Mill Walk Park, and addressing sea level rise are requirements for the development to proceed.

For detailed information about this proposed development, please review the documents below.

Construction Schedule & Updates

Construction is currently in Phase 1, which includes Spirit Trail rerouting, noise impacts, and parking reallocation.

Phase 1 | June 2021 – 2023

Spirit Trail

The Spirit Trail has been re-routed along the north side of Harbourside Drive, then south along the west side of Harbourside Place to reconnect in Kings Mill Walk Park, effective August 25, 2021. This is to accommodate site preparation and shoreline work along the south side of Lot D and along the Spirit Trail. This section of the Spirit Trail will be re-routed until the scheduled completion of Lot D construction in 2025.

  • The temporary Spirit Trail diversion along Harbourside Drive and Harbourside Place (west leg) will be installed in late August 2021, and it's anticipated that the diversion will be in place and ready for public use by August 25.
  • The existing waterfront Spirit Trail, from Gostick Place to the foot of Fell Avenue, will be closed to the public on September 7, 2021.
  • New pavement markers, concrete curbs, and wayfinding signage are in place to assist trail users.
  • This temporary diversion applies to both pedestrians and cyclists, coming from either direction.

 Harbourside Spirit Trail Bypass

Street Parking

Parking is temporarily removed in the following locations from August 18, 2021 until August 1, 2022:

  • For the Spirit Trail diversion:
    • Along the north side of Harbourside Drive between Gostick Place and Harbourside Place
    • Along the west side of Harbourside Place
  • For construction staging:
    • Along the both sides of Fell Ave between Harbourside Drive and Harbourside Place

Harbourside Phase1 parking removal

Temporary Additional Parking

To provide parking during this initial construction phase, temporary public parking will be located in Lot A, just east of Bodwell High School on the south side of Harbourside Drive.

  • In addition to the free, existing parking lot, we’re adding 238 new parking stalls. Of those, 59 stalls are dedicated to the public and 179 stalls are dedicated to tradespeople during the day. After-hours, all spaces will be available to the public with a time limit of 4 hours.
  • This temporary parking lot was completed in Fall 2022, and is estimated to remain in place for approximately eight years. In the future, various on-street parking will be available as well off-street parking within each of the development sites.

Traffic Management

Signage is in place to help you find your way whether you’re driving, walking, or rolling.

Traffic signals will be installed at the intersections of Fell Avenue and Harbourside Drive, as well as Fell Avenue and Automall Drive to help mitigate traffic concerns. Also, the Fell Avenue overpass will be widened to facilitate the addition of a dedicated northbound right turn lane, as well as wider sidewalks.

Tree Management

Approximately 15 street trees along the northern and western edge of Harbourside Development Lot D have been removed due to poor health, and to make room for necessary changes to the street.

We will be replacing each of these trees and providing them with a better environment using soil cell systems as well as other methods to facilitate healthy growth. The new streetscape will include separated bike and pedestrian lanes, an enhanced Spirit Trail connection, and more greenery such as grass and shrubs. More info.

Construction Noise Impacts

There are two periods of time during the initial start of Phase 1 where pile installations will be required. Although both installations will create excessive noise, the second round of installations will be significantly less noisy than the first.

  • Sheet Pile Wall Installations - August 2021 to Fall 2021
    • The construction of sheet pile wall installations to support the future excavation plans at 18 Fell Avenue (Lot D) begins in August 2021. Work is scheduled to be complete in 3 to 4 months. The purpose of the sheet pile wall is to support the foreshore, as well as provide a ground water barrier.
  • Secant Pile Shoring Installation - Late 2021 to 2022
    • The second round of pile installations and site excavation will take approximately 12 months to complete. The purpose of secant piles are to support the walls of the excavation for the future parkade, as well as to provide a ground water barrier.

Phase 2 | 2023 and later

This phase marks the beginning of Kings Mill Walk Park construction, and a new phase of development work.

  • Spirit Trail diversion will continue along the north side of Harbourside Drive, past Harbourside place, and reconnect with the Spirit Trail at far west end of Harbourside Drive.
  • Off-site work, including utilities, storm water management, sidewalks and roadwork will begin.
  • Please be aware of construction and expect delays.

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