Park Recreation Shelters

We’ve installed new multi-purpose park shelters in Heywood Park and Ray Perrault Park to provide flexible outdoor space that can be enjoyed year-round. These metal shelters provide protection from the elements and space for a variety of activities such as picnics, celebrations, exercise and art classes, cultural events, and more.

The park shelters are available to use casually without a permit on a first-come, first served basis and can be booked in advance through the North Vancouver Recreation and Culture Commission. For booking inquiries, visit or call 604 983 6318, Mon-Fri, 8:30am-4pm.

Thanks to everyone who provided input during the community engagement process. Learn more below. 

What We Heard

The following is a short summary of what we heard from you, our community members, during the public consultation in Summer 2021. For more information, you can review the full feedback report.

Ray Perrault Park

  • Most popular park shelter location
  • Large open spaces, central location, ease of access, existing playgrounds and family friendly environment

Victoria Park West 

  • A popular park shelter location from survey respondents, but also received the most responses in opposition
  • Noted for its central location, proximity to their residence, and overall popularity and use of the space
  • Concerns over litter, lack of permanent washroom facility, increased noise and proximity to the alcohol area

Heywood Park

  • Was noted for its family and child-friendly environment, proximity to nature and Mackay Creek, close to residences

Loutet Park

  • Was preferred due to its large open spaces, proximity to Loutet Farm and playground, close to residences

About Heywood Park

The Marine and Hamilton neighbourhood is growing, meaning more families and community members are enjoying Heywood Park. Providing picnicking opportunities and park shelters was also a recommendation from the original Heywood Park Master Plan in 2010.

Leave the bustle of Marine Drive and escape into a lush, green ravine that frames the salmon-bearing Mackay Creek. The southern portion of this park is a valley bordered by multi-family homes and local businesses along Marine Drive.

Accessible washrooms are integrated into the vibrantly painted Mackay Creek Hatchery field-house, and further past the playground a footbridge leads to an open grassy area and an extensive trail network.

View on Google Maps.

map of park shelter location in Heywood Park

About Ray Perrault Park

Ray Perrault Park, formerly known as Boulevard Park, is located off Grand Boulevard offering a wide variety of activities including sport courts, sports fields, playgrounds and inviting open spaces to take in views of the north shore mountains.

This park is located near Grand Boulevard and the “Green Necklace” connects it to the broader community and green spaces. View on Google Maps.

map of park shelter location in Ray Perrault Park

Future Park Shelters

Will there be more park shelters?

This is just the beginning! Additional covered areas are planned as part of the improvements to Kings Mill Walk Park as well as future parks near 1600 Eastern Avenue and 16th and St Andrews Avenue. Covered outdoor space for public use in Mahon Park is being designed as part of the new Mahon Childcare and Public Washroom building, scheduled for completion in Fall of 2023.

Victoria Park West will remain an option for future consideration once plans for the permanent washroom facility are confirmed. 

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