Harry Jerome Project

Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre

On March 9, 2020 Council directed staff to redesign the Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre (HJCRC) based on the prioritization process of CNV’s Community Recreation Strategy – A Healthy City for All – The Role of Community Recreation.  In January 2021, the City announced it is aligning the delivery of the new facility with development of the surrounding Harry Jerome Neighbourhood Lands to mitigate financial risk. Completion is on track for 2025, and a revised design for the HJCRC will be presented to Council for their consideration in April 2021.

See Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre for more information.

Harry Jerome Neighbourhood Lands

The Harry Jerome Neighbourhood Lands will provide an important new community node at the northern portion of Lonsdale Avenue. This redevelopment process will continue independent of the work on the community recreation strategy and the Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre Project. See Harry Jerome Neighbourhood Lands for more information.

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