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Lonsdale Energy Corporation Now Delivering Clean Energy City Wide

July 31, 2019

Another milestone for the award-winning Lonsdale Energy Corp (LEC), which is now connected City-wide. LEC has completed connection of its three main service areas delivering district energy across the City of North Vancouver.

LEC’s district energy system has grown rapidly over the past several years, increasing the number of buildings connected to the system and expanding the network. Until now, LEC’s three main service areas, Lower Lonsdale, Central Lonsdale and Marine Drive / Harbourside, operated independently of each other. While high-efficiency natural gas boilers have traditionally been used to meet peak energy demand, the interconnection of the service areas now provides more opportunity to use alternative energy sources across the entire network.

Recently, LEC completed the expansion of its ‘Mini-Plant 5’. The plant recovers waste heat from the cooling systems of the new buildings in The Shipyards and will also recover heat from the City’s new outdoor skating rink at Shipyard Commons starting this winter. On warm days, the heat generated by the cooling system can exceed the needs of the Lower Lonsdale service area and could potentially meet most of the demand of LEC’s entire network.

LEC will also recover heat from the new North Shore Wastewater Treatment Plant (NSWWTP) after construction is complete. NSWWTP will generate more heat than is required by the nearest LEC service area, Marine Drive/Harbourside. The interconnection of the Marine Drive and Central Lonsdale service areas will ensure that LEC takes full advantage of this alternative energy source.

“The Lonsdale Energy Corporation’s ability to even more efficiently use alternate energy sources takes the City another step closer to achieving its goal of net-zero emissions by 2050. It also supports City Council’s Strategic Plan Vision to become the Healthiest Small City in the World “, says Mayor Linda Buchanan.

“We congratulate LEC on its latest innovative achievement which benefits our entire community.”  

Wholly-owned by the City of North Vancouver and established in 2003, Lonsdale Energy Corporation is an award winning district energy system. LEC provides dependable, clean, and competitively priced energy to 80 buildings across the City. LEC serves 5.9 million square feet of various building types. For more information about LEC, visit

Learn more about Mayor and Council’s Vision to become the “Healthiest Small City in the World” at

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