Harry Jerome Project

Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre

On July 23, 2018, Council approved the $200.7 million HJCRC project to proceed to detailed design in preparation for tender and construction. Concurrent with this approval, staff proceeded with detailed design to relocate the North Vancouver Lawn Bowling to the Mickey McDougall field site.

On November 26, 2018, our newly elected Mayor and Council directed staff to consider and report back additional risk mitigation and cost containing approaches prior to proceeding to tender document stage, including the following:

  • Confirmation of commitment from DNV for shared operating costs
  • Consideration of change in scope, including re-evaluation of 50m pool, review of architectural features and overall reduction in glazing
  • Further review of options for Flicka Gymnastics Club
  • Development options that negate the requirement for borrowing by the City of North Vancouver
  • An enhanced project management and oversight structure including a citizen’s committee of experts

At the meeting on March 4, 2019 Mayor and Council deferred the HJCRC agenda item to a future Council meeting, date to be announced.

See Harry Jerome Community Recreation Centre for more information.

Harry Jerome Neighbourhood Lands

In July of 2018, after consultation with the community and deliberation, the Council for the City of North Vancouver provided final approval of the rezoning for the Harry Jerome Neighbourhood Lands. The rezoning, which determines the permitted uses, the height and general location of buildings, and implements development permit area guidelines for the site – is a significant milestone on the path towards the development of the new neighbourhood centre.

For more information concerning the project as well as the rezoning and development process see Harry Jerome Neighbourhood Lands.

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