Curbside garbage collection is provided to single family, duplex and some townhomes in the City of North Vancouver. Most residents in stratas and apartments have garbage collected through a private waste hauler.

What goes in my garbage?

Not much! There are only a few items that go in the garbage. Before placing items in the garbage, check to see if they can be recycled, put in your Green Can, or taken to a drop-off depot.

These items go in the garbage

Curbside (single-family) garbage is collected every other week

  • Limit of two (2) 77-litre cans per address

Multi-family (stratas, apartments and some townhomes)

  • Use your building's designated cart or dumpster

These items are banned from the garbage and must be recycled or disposed of at the North Shore Recycling & Waste Centre or at a disposal facility. If included in your garbage, your garbage may not be collected. 

Food scraps and yard trimmings (goes in Green Can or Food Scraps cart)
Any material that can go in your Blue Box/Cart, Grey Box/Cart, or Yellow Bag/Mixed Paper Cart
Any material currently recyclable in a BC Take Back Program, such as electronics, batteries, light fixtures, smoke alarms, paint, pesticides, propane tanks, small appliances, flammables, solvents, and pesticides.
Grass, sod, and rocks
Biomedical waste
Construction / renovation materials (e.g. clean wood, drywall, etc.)
Large appliances and metal items
Animal carcasses and animal waste

Provincial Take-Back Programs
Many items can be recycled or disposed of safely through a provincial collection program.  Drop off these items at several locations in the community including the Recycling Drop-off Area at the North Shore Recycling & Waste Centre. To find a nearby drop-off location for your materials:

Critter-proof Your Garbage

Garbage is the cause of 80 per cent of bear-human interactions on the North Shore. Keep your garbage and Green Can clean in order to keep bears (and other animals such as raccoons and crows) away.

  • STORE IT: Keep your garbage in a secure location such as a garage, shed or lockable storage container until collection day. Put garbage out only on the morning of your collection day, between 5:30am and 7:30am, not the night before.
  • CLEAN IT: Wash your bins regularly with a mild detergent or a water and vinegar solution.

Learn about reducing bear-human conflict on our Wildlife Awareness page.

In addition to your collection schedule, the curbside collection guide has lots of great information and tips on how to recycle more and create less garbage.

In this multi family guide, learn how and where to recylce items and use your buildings green bin.

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