Film Fees

Schedule of Fees for Filming

Fees and Charges Bylaw #6383. Schedule C

Mandatory fees
Film permit fee $230
Each additional location $230
Youth in film (one time annual fee) $250
Damage deposit $5,000 (dependent on location/project)
Commercial media: i.e. still photography, reality TV, corporate video $225
Student film permit (refer to info on student film projects) Free *

Electrical permit (GST Exempt)
Single location permit (1 inspection/location) $124
Annual permit $750

On Street Parking & Tow Shots
Street filming signage & labour $330
Street parking $60 per 30m/day
Tow shots $150
Street filming user fee (per block) $175
Street meter/Surface lot charges $12 each/day
Parkade stall charges $12 per stall/day + 24% Translink tax
Parking lots/gravel Fields

RCMP (Minimum 4 Hour Callout + 48 Hour Cancellation Notice)
RCMP Officer (Cst/Cpl) $150/hour
RCMP Sergeant $185/hour
Clerical Staff Time $80/hour (no 4 hour minimum)

Fire Department (Minimum 4 Hour Callout + 48 Hour Cancellation Notice)
Firefighter (in turn out gear) $125/hour per firefighter
Fire Officer (in turn out gear) $150/hour per officer
Clerical staff time $50
Aerial ladder $350/hour
Pumper truck $200/hour
Rescue vehicle $150/hour
Comm. Officer or service vehicle $100/hour

Special Effects Application (Pyrotechnics)
Special effects permit (includes on-site inspection by Fire Officer) $175

City Buildings & Plazas: Daily Rate
Fire Hall, Operations Yard, 14th Street Plaza & similar sites $600/day
City Hall (per named component) $600/day
City Library $1,000/day
Parks $600/day
Lunch tents in parks $250/day
Prep and wrap days - 50% daily amount

City Shipyards: Daily Rate
St. Roch, Goldsworthy Dock or Cates Deck $800/day
Burrard Dry Dock Pier
Shipbuilders' Square $800/day
Foot of Lonsdale, Spirit Trail (by exception only) $800/day
Shipyards Commons $4000/day
Prep and wrap days - 50% daily amount
Electrical connection $150/day/connection
Street meter charges (Wallace Mews) $40/stall/day

Cemetery: Daily Rate
Cemetery (Heritage Section) $3,000/day
Prep and wrap days - 50% daily amount
Cemetery Caretaker (out of hours only) $80/hour
Grave digging (includes digger, truck & two staff) $1600

Miscellaneous Fees
Site meeting / site liaison fee, for City of North Vancouver staff (i.e. Environment, Transportation, Operations, Facilities, Parks, etc.) at cost
Film Liaison on site

GST applies to the fees listed above, expect for Electrical Permits. Please note that items in this Schedule of Fees are subject to change without notice.


The City’s Film Office staff have the authority to consider a request for a one-time 50% fee reduction of the City’s location fees, subject to the following criteria:

  1. Productions should be either non-theatrical (such as shorts, student foundation films, documentaries), or
  2. Theatrical productions that are under $500,000 total gross budget (staff will request they provide their budget top sheet to verify), 
  3. Filming will not take place over more than two days in the City location.

Any questions? Please don't hesitate to contact our Film Liaison ( for more information.

Contact Info

Clare Husk
Film & Community Events Coordinator
Tel: 604-982-3910
Cell: 604-679-2525

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