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The City has more than 150 km of storm sewers which collect rainfall from properties and streets. Before North Vancouver was developed, the City’s watersheds were forested which naturally manages rain by absorbing water slowly. Hard surfaces such as building roofs and roads, rapidly transfers runoff to our streams which pollutes and stresses the ecosystem.

Metro Vancouver’s Liquid Waste Management Plan requires the City to introduce more holistic and integrated storm water management planning for its many watersheds to improve environmental values. The City has adopted an Integrated Stormwater Management Plan to guide policy and decision making, and is currently working on plans for Mosquito Creek and Mackay Creek.

Stormwater Management Plan Requirements
for New Development

Why Stormwater Management?

Rainfall on hard surfaces such as roads, driveways and paths increases the demand on our storm sewer infrastructure which can negatively impact our creeks and Burrard Inlet. For this reason, the City has adopted a source control target of up to 70% of the peak annual average daily rainfall to lessen this impact. In order to reach these targets all new developments will be required to meet stormwater management targets.

All new developments (single family home or larger) in the City of North Vancouver must submit a Stormwater Management Plan.
Single family or two family (duplex) developments applying to the City of North Vancouver for a Building Permit must submit a Stormwater Management Plan to demonstrate how you are going to meet the City’s target volumes for stormwater infiltration on your redeveloped property.
Stormwater management plans for developments including three units or more must be designed by a qualified professional. 
Some properties in the City do not have a storm sewer available. For single family (1 unit) developments the City offers a unit rate to extend storm sewer to a maximum value based on the width of property.
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