Community Grants

Municipal Community Grants are intended to support not-for-profit organizations serving North Shore residents. North Shore municipalities provide these grants in order to assist groups with the delivery of services, which work to reduce social, economic or physical disadvantage, and/or which improve the quality of life for residents.

Please note that there are three parts to the forms:

  1. An Organization Summary to be filled out by all applicants;
  2. An Operating Grant application for organizations applying for financial assistance with their general operations; and
  3. A Program Grant application for individual projects/services/programs. Fill out a separate Program Grant application for each project/service/programs for which funding is being requested.

These three forms above can all be filled in by typing in the required boxes, save and print from your computer. Remember to sign your application before sending it in. Please send two (2) copies of all forms and documents being submitted.

The completed forms can also be mailed or dropped off to:

    Planning Department
    City of North Vancouver
    141 West 14th Street
    North Vancouver, BC V7M 1H9


There are now two application deadlines annually - January 31st and September 14th of each year, or where these dates land on a weekend, the next regular business day. Please note: If an organization applied for a grant in the first round of the year, they may apply to the second round but for a different program only.

If you have any questions or if you need assistance completing the forms, please contact our Community Planning staff.

Contact Info

Heather Evans
Community Planner
Tel: 604-982-3993

Edytha Barker
Committee Clerk
Tel: 604-990-4223

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