Checklist for Location Departments

Message to TALs/Film Location Admin

We've created a checklist with related links and timeline restrictions just for you.

Here is the link to our Film Permit Application (submit one form per location) and to our Filming Procedures (PDF).

When your permit is APPROVED we will need the following:

  • Certificate of Insurance (naming The City of North Vancouver additional insured) for $5 million.

  • $5,000 Security Deposit (cheque payable to City of North Vancouver). We can draw on this amount for your fees if that is your production's preference.

  • If you need on-street parking please send your requirements ASAP indicated on a Google Map (or even better, on our CityMap which shows house numbers, etc.). We need 6 working days to print and sign on‑street parking for filming.
    IMPORTANT: City bylaw requires residents to have 72‑hours notice for removal of on-street parking*  (*there are areas with exceptions – but not many)

  • Planning on closing a street or intermittent, short duration road closures? If so, please complete Filming Street Closure Form (ASAP, as it can take time to get approval).

  • A completed Electrical Permit Application (if using an electrical generator on site) and your Electrical Contractor Authorization Declaration (one per location please).
    Cost: one year is $750 and a one-time use permit is $124.

  • Your letter to residents and/or businesses for our approval. Letters must be delivered BEFORE we put out the 'no parking' signage.


Ideally, the North Vancouver RCMP need five working days notice to fill filming requests. To book RCMP personnel, please email and copy for billing purposes.

Please email the following information:

  • Production name
  • Production office address 
  • Production office phone number
  • Name of TV show
  • Day, date and time officer(s) needed
  • Requirements (e.g. Intermittent Traffic control, exposed weapons, scenes with gunfire, etc.)
  • Number of RCMP required 
  • Number of hours required
  • Location(s)
  • Name and contact number of ALM on site


Normal working hours are 7am to 11pm Monday to Saturday, and 8am to 10pm on Sunday (and Statutory Holidays).



See our Film Fees page.


Business Licence

You need a business licence if your production office is based in the City of North Vancouver. If you're not sure where the City boundaries are, we've got a map for that. If your production office is based elsewhere, no business licence is required. 


GST Number

The City's GST registration no. is 122083959.


Contact Us

If you have questions, please contact the Film Office at or 604-982-3910.

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