Financial Plan

2019-2028 Draft Financial Plan Public Input

The 2019-2028 Draft Preliminary Project Plan and the Draft 2019 Program Plan will be presented to Council Monday, February 11th, 2019.

Please review the draft plans and provide your comments and feedback using the form below.

The Final Financial Plan is scheduled to be presented to Council in March.

Draft 2019 - 2028 Financial Plan can be reviewed as follows:


Comments on 2019-2028 Draft Financial Plan

The City aims to deliver projects and programs that enhance the liveability of its growing community.

The City owes its strong financial standing to balanced, sustainable policies and leadership from previous Councils, as well as public input during the financial planning process. Combined with a flexible financial approach, a diversified tax base and competitive tax rates, the City is able to be proactive when dealing with new issues that may impact its annual and long-term budget plans.


Financial Plan

Utility Rates

City Finance Committee has approved the 2019 Utility Rates.

Program Plan

Past Program (Operating) Plans

Project (Capital) Plans

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