Wireless Communication Facilities

In December 2012, the City adopted a Wireless Communication Design and Consultation Policy to establish design and consultation guidelines for applications for wireless facilities in the City. This includes rooftop installations and tower proposals, on private and public property including City lands, streetlights, streetscape and local utility poles. This policy was established to provide clarity for residents and applicants on future proposals. The policy also directs new installations to the higher density areas of the City as well as commercial and industrial lands.

A process is currently underway to align the policy with the 2014 Official Community Plan. This process will result in an update to the overall policy and streamlining of the most common application type with the implementation of Rooftop Antenna Development Permit Area Guidelines.

Why Are Wireless Communication Facilities Needed?
Who Regulates it?
What about Health and Safety?
What is the City’s Policy on Installations?

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