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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have expanded our online services and modified some permitting and inspection procedures. 

Installation of Physical Barriers for COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control

The intent of this Bulletin is to advise business operators of potential impacts the installation of physical distancing measures may have on critical building life safety systems. >> Learn More

Construction Permits Now Accepted Electronically

The City is now accepting all construction permit applications electronically, through All permit application processes will remain the same other than receiving the physical document copies. >> Learn More

Modified Permitting & Inspection Procedures

As City Hall is temporarily closed to the public we have modified some of our procedures for permits and inspections. >> Learn More

New guidance to construction sites during COVID-19

BC Government Update, March 23, 2020 - All members in the construction industry must follow these requirements to ensure the utmost protection of our workers, their families and our communities. All employers and employees must read and abide by these rules because it is only through collective efforts that we can reduce the spread of COVID-19. Read more

For information about how the City is addressing the COVID-19 situation, what our community can do to reduce health risks, and for ongoing updates, visit and monitor the City’s social media channels.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

The City of North Vancouver is experiencing a robust period of building and development and we welcome your interest in pursuing a business opportunity in our community.

In this section, you will find business-related information that may affect your project. The topics included here are intended to guide the planning, building and/or development of your specific project.

If you need further information about building and developing in the City, please call 604-982-WORK (9675).

Gateway logoGateway is the City's new single point of contact to ensure a faster response time to enquiries about licences, planning and permits. Learn more at

A development application must be submitted to the City for any proposed development that is not already allowed in the regulations for a specific site.

Are you planning a renovation or building project in the City? Find out what permits you might need and request an inspection.

Both a secondary suite and a coach house are now permitted on lots zoned for single family development. 

Each neighbourhood and building within the City exhibits a degree of heritage and character unique to itself.

Land use controls the types of activities and businesses that can occur on a property. Land Use types are divided into categories like Residential, Industrial, Commercial, and Institutional.

If you are developing or renovating a property for business or residential purposes, there are a number of zoning regulations you must consider.

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