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Every day, we all produce liquid waste simply by carrying out our lives. As a municipality, if we don't take care to handle and treat the many pollutants we generate, the quality of our surrounding water bodies will suffer.

Like other municipalities within Metro Vancouver, the City is responsible for collecting liquid waste and transporting it to facilities operated by Metro Vancouver. All liquid waste—including the wastewater drained from showers, toilets and dishwashers—collected on the North Shore is treated at the Lions Gate Waste Water Treatment Plant.

To ensure the pipes that handle liquid waste remain in good working order, a regional Liquid Waste Management Plan (LWMP) is in place to upgrade the treatment plant accordingly based on population growth and assessed environmental impact. The LWMP commits North Shore municipalities to a long-term replacement program that, over time, will reduce inflow and infiltration resulting from leaky sewers.

Visit for more information on waste water treatment.

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