North Shore Emergency Management

The North Shore Emergency Management (NSEM) is an inter-municipal agency that works in partnership with the City of North Vancouver and Districts of North and West Vancouver to plan, coordinate and test emergency and disaster response services. Other NSEM activities include community emergency preparedness and response.

The NSEM supports municipal planning initiatives that are required for an advanced level of emergency preparedness. In addition, the agency works with community, regional and provincial inter-agency bodies to promote effective risk management practices and safer communities.

Emergency Preparedness Workshops

North Shore residents can register online for emergency preparedness courses, or call the North Shore Emergency Management at 778-338-6300. Pre-registration is required for all courses.

Register for Rapid Notify & Get Emergency Alerts

The North Shore is one of the only communities in the Lower Mainland with an emergency notification system. The Rapid Notify system sends emergency notifications and updates by email, phone, text message and pager. The system automatically calls every registered number and leaves a message indicating the emergency alert and safety instructions. All North Shore residents and businesses are encouraged to register at

Contact Info

North Shore Emergency Management
147 East 14th Street, North Vancouver
Tel: 778-338-6300

Fiona Dercole, Director, North Shore Emergency Management

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