Open Streets in the City

The City’s Open Streets Action Plan encourages safe walking, cycling and business operations across the City by creating more space on our streets and sidewalks.  By reallocating some of our existing road space in key areas, we can provide improved access to businesses while supporting the health and safety of residents with more space for physical distancing.

Our Open Streets network includes streets that are on or adjacent to busy walking, cycling and transit corridors or have a high concentration of businesses and services.

Two Street Categories

Have a mix of shops, services and businesses.

Changes may include:

  • expanding the sidewalk zone, patios or seating
  • zones for curbside pick-up and loading
  • areas for queuing and waiting outside businesses

Provide connections to key destinations, recreation spaces, or the City’s multi-use path network.

Changes may include:

  • discouraging through traffic by installing passable, temporary barricades
  • reducing speed limits and adding additional signage

We want your feedback on Open Streets in the City

Please take a moment to share your experiences with us. Your input will help us make changes to ensure everyone is safe and comfortable.

Contact Info

Justin Hall
Manager, Public Realm Infrastructure
Phone: 778-554-4671

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