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Call City Hall at  604-983-7333

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Curbside Collection

The City provides curbside garbage, recycling and green can (food scraps and yard trimmings) collection to more than 8,500 households. The City of North Vancouver is organized into four collection areas (A, B, C, D), which determines your collection day (Monday through Thursday, except on weeks with a statutory holiday).

Garbage is collected every other week. Recycling, green cans and yard waste are collected weekly. Each home may have a maximum of two 77-litre garbage cans with lids (maximum weight is 20 kg per can).


Collection Calendar


Download a collection calendar or the entire guide, or pick one up at City Hall, or contact us to have a copy mailed to you: 604-983-7333 or

Have extra garbage? Purchase a Garbage Tag from Harry Jerome Rec Centre or at City Hall for $4 per each additional 77-litre bag.

Yard trimmings and food scraps go in the Green Can

How to set out curbside materials

  • Cans, bins and bags must be set out on the morning of collection, before 7:30am, to ensure collection and to avoid attracting animals. 
  • Secure lids. Do not use bungee cords, rope or straps to secure lids - this will result in your materials not being collected.
  • Place glass jars and bottles in the Grey Box, and other containers in the Blue Box.
  • Place the Yellow Bag for paper beside, not inside, the Blue Box.
  • Set all carts, bins and bags side by side in a straight line for quick, easy collection.

Download the CityCollect App (Google Play | Apple Store) and never miss another collection day for Recycling, Green Can or Garbage! Find out what is collected in the curbside collection program, how to prepare it, get reminders and much more.

In this single family guide learn how and where to recycle items and find tips to create less garbage.

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Missed garbage or Green Can pick up (curbside collection only)?

Report with CityFix app, use online form or call City Operations at 604-987-7155

Missed recycling pick up?

Call City Hall at 604-983-7333

Need a new Blue or Grey Box?

Pick up at City Hall or call 604-983-7333 to have one delivered to you.

Need a Yellow Bag or Green Can Decal?

Pick up at City Hall or call City Operations at 604-987-7155 to have one mailed to you.

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